Apps That We Love

Are you ready for this? Cold week, cool apps! We are gonna show you the best of the best of the best for this week! Don’t you dare to pass this post.


Let’s be clear; while iOS 8 remains as a great operating system the Developers are the real MVP, because they are making real some fantastic ideas. One of that cases is when you wanna make a quick annotation and share it. Neato makes it really easy, taking advantage of the widgets in the notification center and allowing us to write right in the widget and share it via Evernote, Dropbox, Mail, Twitter or SMS. Really helpful and quickly, just one more thing…

According to the developer, this app may be available just for a limited time; Apple isn’t that happy with the idea of having a keyboard in a widget so it might get banned… Yep, it is helpful but Apple doesn’t agree. So go and download it before it’s too late.

Only for iOS for $0.99


There are plenty of MOBA games out there, and while some may be really addicting and cool like LoL or Dota 2, some others may be really annoying. Well, VainGlory is a really big, loud and awesome MOBA that makes possible that addicting battles in an iOS device… in a fun way and making possible to win.

The MOBAs aren’t for everybody; they require that you have some experience to make easier winning a battle and while the scenario is always the same a match is always different; in this game it is possible to win even when you have no experience because it is extremely intuitive and easy to understand, while it gives you flawless and stunning visuals.

For those humans that don’t know how to play it, you must know that the objective is simple; destroy the enemy’s minions, the adversary heroes, take control of the mines, destroy the enemy’s tower and destroy they base. Basically some strategy; in reality a complex, demanding and smart videogame that give you hours and hours of great moments.

Vainglory has just 9 heroes, each one with different fighting styles and abilities, but the developers promise many surprises for future updates so this is the right time to begin practicing! And losing many hours of life…

Available for free and only for iOS. To get a better experience use iPhone 5s, iPad Air or better.


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