Akame Ga Kill!


Akame Ga Kill! is an anime television series directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, produced by Square Enix, written by Makoto Uezu and music by Taku Iwasaki. Akame ga kill! originally ran on July 6, 2014 and it is ongoing at present. Akame Ga Kill! has 24 episodes and its twentieth episode was on air last weekend.

The plot is about a knight with a long sword named Tatsumi. He lives in a poor, small village in the nearest end of the capital. Tatsumi goes to the capital to meet with his friends Sayo and Ieyasu for they got a job in the government to make easy and quickly money for them and the people of the poor village.


But the capital is a bad place for good and innocent people. The emperor of the capital is only a manipulable boy by his carnivorous and fat minister. The minister is a carnage and corrupted politician as many rich people that live in the capital.


Tatsumi walks on the streets of the capital searching for Sayo and Ieyasu when gets a job in the government. Suddenly, a blonde girl offers her help in exchange for food, but the girl is a swindler and she takes his money. She tells him that she needs to get a job for him in the government. The blonde girl never return.


Alone in the capital and without money, Tatsumi decides to sleep in the streets but a rich girl named Aria offers him a room in her father mansion. The next day, Tatsumi walks Aria to go shopping and someone of the guard of Aria tells Tatsumi about a clan of assassins named Night Raid.


During the second midnight, Tatsumi wakes up by a strange sound. Tatsumi goes out of the room and he sees through the window the Night Raid and Arias runs away to a warehouse. Tatsumi runs to helps Aria and he fights against a member of Night Raid, a girl with black, long and straight hair, red eyes and a katana.


During the fight, Tatsumi asks the girl of the Night Raid the reason to kill people. Then, the fight is interrupted by the blonde girl that swindled Tatsumi. The blonde girl says “Innocent” and she shows Tatsumi the inside of the warehouse. Tatsumi sees that in front of him, Sayo is naked, hanging and soaked in blood.


Tatsumi is in shock and then he hears the voice of his friend Ieyasu, he is alive but caught and seriously injured. Ieyasu tells Tatsumi that Aria invited him to her father´s  house and after they had dinner, they were unconscious. When they woke up they were captured and Aria tortured Sayo until she is died.


Aria interrupts, shouting that torturing  people of small villages is correct, the people of  small villages are scum and are worthless, the people of the small village are mob, she has the right to do what she  wants with them. And that the only reason that she tortured Sayo until she is died, was because Sayo had silky hair than her.


Night Raid is more than decided to kill Aria after her comment but Tatsumi tells Night Raid that they better not interfere in the fight because he will kill Aria with his hands. Tatsumi kills Aria with his long sword. Tatsumi frees Iyeasu and he holds between his arms until he dies. Tatsumi hugs Ieyasu with all his force.


Night Raid decide take Tatsumi and they turn him in a new member. They tell Tatsumi that, since now he is a new member of Night Raid. Night Raid vanquishes in the shadows of the night with Tatsumi.



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