Everything right about Interstellar

Everytime Christopher Nolan’s name appear on a screen I freak out. He is a genius and knows how to sell a big story… but what happens when he challenges the space and time?

Headache, that’s what we face. A huge headache, because Chris Nolan took the imagination to a new stage, a stage that we can’t even compare to anything and that is the majestic of this movie.

For that reason, I want to enumerate the 5 things that made me feel really good about watching this movie.

  1. It, almost, pleased Neil deGrasse Tyson

I’m no scientist; just a random geek that loves science, time travel stuff and Cosmos; for me, the word, or in this case, Tweets of Neil deGrasse Tyson about the accuracy of physics on this movie is a great point. Nevertheless, if you invite Neil to talk about random thoughts about the plot… well he is harder to please, so let’s stay with the scientific side.

2. He didn’t abused of the 3D

Nolan doesn’t believe in 3D for blockbusters, and he has shown that the 3D techniques are still growing slow, so the real alternative, for him, is the IMAX. The IMAX has the peculiarity of showing spectacular, vivid and awesome images in a big format as in a big screen. You may or not agree with me in this point, but I got to tell you that, at the moment, I prefer a stunning movie in IMAX and 2D than to watch just one or two scenes in 3D. Just saying.

3. The sound was epic

I know that many people complained about how the voices faded out in some moments, but I think it gave emotion to the scenes and helped to improve the experience. Also, the movie did the same technique that left me in owe with Gravity; Complete silence when it is necessary.

You can’t experience more stress in an action movie that the correct sound in the correct moment; so knowing how and when using sound and silence is complex. Gravity and Interstellar succeeded and made the important scenes just epic.

4. My geek side was excited

They were engineers or scientists, but the most important; they made me feel that the decisive factor was the surviving instinct; Watching how this was determinant made me feel close to the characters. While many directors and writers focus on making perfect characters or with a resemblance to Gary Stu, the Nolan brothers worried about make the experience closer to reality.

Watching time and space travel in this way made me feel excited and while I’m used to time travel as seen in “Doctor Who”, watching this movie felt like something that could be reached. And, of course, looking at how other dimension would look… is pretty exciting too.

5. He conceived how to explain something that we cannot comprehend; the 5th dimension.

Okay, Imagine a table. Done? Well, that was easy. Now, Imagine a new color. Well that is hard… and impossible. Imagining a 5th dimensional universe is also hard because we can’t conceive time or physics as a physical matter, and trying to comprehend is not an easy task.

Interstellar presents this theory and explains as quickly as they can… and succeeded because for a moment you can understand what is happening, of course you can’t understand the singularity inside a black hole nor the capacity of how to control the time… but you understand how it could be imagined.

Interstellar was for me, a fresh and big movie, that stands as one of the finest works of Director Christopher Nolan, nevertheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is not embraced with the same excitement, because it is long, scientific and with complex theories that are not of interest for everybody.

You enjoyed it? Tell us why!


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