Movie Monday Presents: An epic film, six great heroes from Disney

An epic film based on a comic, that only had three issues, initiated in September 1998; big hero 6. Now, it is a movie that exceeds the expectations of many fans of the comic. This film tell the story of prodigy child, 14 years old, who is an expert in robotics and that loves being involved in robots fights. At the very beginning, the movie presents two of the main characters: Hiro Hamada  and his brother Tadashi Hamada one protective, and older brother, seeking only to approach his brother and his knowledge. At beginning of the film it is presented a scene of very interesting robot fights; they show us how this one day could happen and that makes many us keep very attentive to every detail of this awesome film. After a bit of laughter and science, you get to know to the aunt of Hiro and Tadashi; the aunt Cass, a fun and extrovert character with dialogues full of fun and many tips which acts as clear as the mother of geniuses.Hiro-Cass-and-Tadashi-Hamada-big-hero-6-37593289-500-669 

After meeting the aunt Cass, you will know the characters that are part of the team of nerds in the Institute of Technology of Sanfransokyo. The first one is the funniest, Fred a fan of comic books who wants to be a Godzilla, this character is so crazy that filled with smiles all cinemas is part of Big Hero Six, then we have the expert in chemistry and owner of a cheerful super attitude; Honey lemon, with an Alchemy skill she creates potions using a device-pursue shaped that created combinations of elements that she uses in a thousand ways to get the team in trouble. Then we have the reckless and sarcastic gogo tomago, a lover of this sport and loyal girl: speed is an element of her equipment and for that she uses levitating-magnetic disks to run at a high speed also she can attack with discs that she can launch and retrieve attacking non-stop. Then, we have the fourth element: a genius that is precise and meticulous with everything that makes, Wasabi with his blades of plasma and martial arts converting it in one of the elements that help Hiro in his mission.

big hero 6 tercer trailer nuevo new third seis grandes heroes hiro hamada baymax honey lemon gogo tomago fredzilla wasabi no ginger walt disney 2014 clasico classic heroes

Now it is the time to talk about a character who melted the hearts of many. I can say that even I loved the character created by the brother of Hiro, a Doctor Assistant to be active with only hear an auch, the spongy Baymax this character is one of the main elements of the film. For example when Hiro suffers the loss of his brother, Baymax takes care of Hiro.

To be fair, this film has  a lot of potential while is full of action, laughter, amazing design and, believe me, a will that technology enthusiasts will love. If you want to read the comic of course that you can do it! I did it and I simply loved it.  It is one of those movie than, when you are leaving the cinema, you will want to watch again, so gather your friends, tell your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply… go by yourself and enjoy this great movie that I will watch countless times. 

heroes_Enfilme_k6794Rating: 5 out of 5


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