Midweek’s Blender

Hey there, It’s been a while! But once again, we bring you our week’s recommendation, so you can try interesting new experiences by yourself. Are we cool? Yeah, I think we are cool, so let’s begin!

The Nova Projekt

No, i didn’t write it wrong, this is the name of a Youtube channel from two very talented guys who call themselves Vin’s Nade and At0mium. I can’t really tell you if this info is correct or not because they speak french, but there is something i can tell you: they make amazing music.

Mostly they make covers of existing soundtracks from videogames, and let me tell you that they sound just magnific. Songs like “Song of storms” from The legend of Zelda or “Still alive” from Mirror’s edge are just some of their works. They used to have a link to download their music, but the link is broken by now and i really hope they fix it.


I know that everyone’s favorite celebrity appears in this movie, so please calm down first. Ladies a gentleman, mister Nicolas Cage *Cheers*. Now talking seriously, i think some of you this must be a joke, but it really isn’t. I know that his movies hasn’t been that good but, aren’t they a guilty pleasure? i mean, who really had a bad moment watching one of his movies?

Anyways, this movie is pretty cool and entertaining for how exagerated and hilarious some scenens from the movie can be. It kinda reminded those cheesy movies from around de 80’s–90’s, you know, where the protagonist can do absolutely EVRYTHING without a drop of sweat. Give it a change, I’m pretty sure it will make you laugh a few times, and it really isn’t that bad.

Kirby Fighters Deluxe

He is Kirby… our friend, that can copy other character’s characteristics and bring us really cool ways to fight. If you still haven’t bought Super Smash Bros. or simply want more and more fighting games this is a winner.

I takes the cool fighting system adopted with the subgame in Kirby: Triple Deluxe but with upgrades stages and items. For this game you have 10 abilities that can be acquired by Kirby; Sword, Cutter, Beam, Whip, Parasol, Archer, Bomb, Hammer, Fighter and Ninja. Aaaaand if you have bought Kirby: Triple Deluxe you will also have the Bell and Beatle abilities. Cool right?

It has a campaign single mode that consist on beating teams and in a final battle taking down King Dedede, but one of the greatest features is the multiplayer mode that allows playing locally using the Download Mode with 3 friends! Go and get it!

Just $6.99 on the eShop. Only for Nintendo 3Ds and 2Ds.


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