Movie Monday Presents Léon: The Professional

He is a professional assassin, she is a new orphan willing to avenge his little brother. Plot twist: The bad guy is a police. Will this end in peace…?

Léon (Jean Reno) is a lonely, french immigrant that has a routine: He buys milk, goes home, exercises, takes care of his plant, cleans his weapons and kills for a living. He is actually one of the best assassin’s because he doesn’t know how to do something else, he was born for that. He lives in a building where he talks with nobody, well just once or twice with a girl that lives next door, that girl is Mathilda (Natalie Portman).

Mathilda’s father (Michael Badalucco) gets involved in drug’s problems: He stole drugs and doesn’t knows where does drugs are, the fact is that a group of corrupt policemen from the anti-narcotics division of the NYPD go straight and tell them that he has limited time to tell them where the drugs are. Oh! If a missed telling you: the drugs were from the police.

The next day Mathilda goes to buy groceries and while she is out the policemen returns, headed by Stansfield (Gary Oldman) … and slays her entire family; when she is back she freezes… and then knocks on Léon’s door. After some seconds that looks like decades, he opens the door and lets her in.

She cries about the murder of her little brother (the only relative she truly cared about) and stays with Léon for sometime. As time passes they become closer and closer, establishing a deep friendship, and at the moment Mathilda discovers Léon’s true job(she discovered that he wasn’t a cleaner… well not a cleaner with a mop, more that a cleaner with a gun and a knife)… she asks him the help her to kill Stansfield; she even offers money for the work but Léon refuses.

But Mathilda doesn’t surrender so easily so she insists until he agrees to teach her how to become a professional Assassin and became her protégée, in exchange she cleans the room and teaches Léon how to read. The real problem appears when Mathilda starts fallin in love with Léon… and apparently Léon started to fall in love with her too. Even Léon’s employer told him that women were trouble, after all the warnings he was sure that he should protect her.

The Next day Mathilda learns how to aim and shot, she goes to the police station after Stansfield, who turns out to be not only a corrupt one; he is also a junky with no remorse and capable of anything. As Mathilda left a note L’eon goes to look for her and in the process killed some men from Stansfield.

Stansfield was furious and forced Tony (Danny Aiello), Léon’s employer, to tell him where Léon was. Stansfield took an enormous number of officers and teams to take down Leon’s apartment… and played with an advantage: They kidnapped Mathilda.

Will Léon save Mathilda or will he die before reaching her? Will Stansfield win or Mathilda will take him down?… You know; you must watch this awesome movie to know it.

Since it was projected on 1994 it became an instant classic from Luc Besson, and a movie that has moved generations thanks to the great and powerful actings from Portman, Reno and Oldman. A must watch.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5


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