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We are adding new writers and to celebrate friendship we are giving you apps that are for sharing and collaboration *wink* *wink*

Micro Battles

Face it, you are addicted to competition, you wanna know that you are the best of the best of the best… with honors… sir! So, Micro Battles gives you the chance to do this. It consist on having a daily game in which you have to battle someone else, the cool thing is that it is designed to have the two player in the same screen, so the general experience is actually awesome.

There are 4 mini games that have a single button (red or blue) and that by pressing it you will make actions, for example, in the cowboy’s game every time you press you the button you fire, pretty easy right? That is something really cool that makes the game so entertaining: the simplicity.

The winner is the first one achieving 5 points, but wait! there can also be ties! The game is free but everyday the game will change, so if you particularly enjoyed one game and want to play it, you have two options; wait until it is available or pay $1.99 to unlock all of them.

Available on the Play Store and on the App Store


No, we are not referring to “send and inbox” vía Facebook, we are referring to Inbox; the new path that Google has created for email. It could be called the email 2.0, because is the biggest leap since a long time on the way we check mail.

It is true that email isn’t that popular since the Messaging Apps appeared but it is still a major way to communicate and Google is decided to revive it. Substantially, it is a smart filter that selects a category on any upcoming email and bundles it with another similar mails, so now you won0t have an inbox full of newsletters of trash; you will have an organized one.

One good feature is that you can tell Inbox to remind you of that mail just received until you get to the office or somewhere else, so when you arrive you can check it. Also, if you don’t want to deal with a bunch of mails you can bundle them and mark as “Checked” or delete them, all with a simple swipe. But to give a summary, I will quote a YouTube User:

  1. Snooze emails you know have due dates
    2) Pin the emails you need to follow up on
    3) Sweep everything else away. Don’t worry — they’re in the Done list (the new All Mail) if you really need them

Bundle everything
If you’ve used multiple tabs in the old Gmail, that’s bundles — one line item for a group of emails. Go to each entry in the side nav and make sure they bundle in the inbox (you may have to hit the gear in the upper right on web to see the option) and change the name as needed. Bulk changes in these settings is even easier from the main Settings screen.

Priority Inbox
Enable bundling on the ‘Low Priority’ label — this groups uncategorized, lower priority emails into a single bundle. You can always move something out of low priority by tapping the overflow and using the ‘Remove from Low Priority’ option.

Pin and Sweep
On the quest to Inbox Zero, you’re bound to go past a horde of emails you don’t really need to read. What I’ve found effective is to pin just the emails you need to look at, then immediately sweep the others away. After that, you can proceed to read and snooze emails as appropriate.

Use Snooze!
Snooze is ridiculously powerful in changing a receive time list of emails (starred of Gmail) into the order that you control. After you’ve hit inbox zero, this is where you can go if you want to get ahead of the game. Otherwise, just wait for things to come back into your inbox and enjoy that blissful feeling while you can.

Go 100%
Switching between Gmail and Inbox will make you question your life choices. Believe me, you’ll like it once you do all the other things on this list.

The bad part is that this concept is really new so you will have spend something getting used to this, and to be honest this style is not for everybody. Anyway I loved it, because it is simpler and let you be more productive, and I won’t ignore that gorgeous new material design that Google has been implementing on it’s apps.

Available for Android and iOS. Only by Invitation; send an email to to get one.


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