The time of the 60FPS.

As the new generations are taking over the internet, the market keeps changing and videogame players appear as one of the strongest consumers. But the mainstream video platforms haven’t adopted the 60 frames per second standard… until now.

Using the next-gen consoles and watching the smooth movements is a great pleasure, I mean, have you seen the detailed interaction between characters and scenarios on Mario Kart 8? Amazing. Well, as Twitch showed, the market videogames is growing and growing, the trouble is when a gameplay is showed on YouTube you get a scaled version of the video taking away the things that leaves you in owe… that and when the videogames aren’t made for 60FPS of course.

But great news gamers! YouTube just announced that the option for 60FPS is available, so the next time you watch a video from PewDiePie (who earns $4 million a month) you will have a really nice surprise. And money is the reason that mad YouTube that this market serious; According to Forbes the 100 biggest gaming channels on YouTube bring in 3.5 billion views a month, so… this is the time to give them good stuff right?

The trick is that if you wanna enjoy this 60 FPS you must access to YouTube via Google Chrome or Safari(only on Mac), and then activate the Quality to 720p60HD or to 1080p60HD, so if you are using Firefox or other unsupported browser you will have to make the big switch.

To let you see the wonders of the 60FPS we selected our 5 favorite videos so far;

Mortal Kombat X

Mario Kart 8

Battlefield Harline: Multiplayer trailer

Batman Arkham

Super Smash Bros for Wii U

Ohh well… here is an extra video:

Dota 2


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