Midweek’s Blender

Did you miss me? *Sherlock screams*

Movie Recommendation: 28 days later.

To be honest, when this movie came out i wasn’t so excited to see it, in fact I just watched it a few days ago just because a friend asked me to. It was almost exactly what i was expecting: the typical plot of any zombie/parasite/infection/virus movie, where everything goes to hell and there are only a few survivors while the thing keeps spreading.

But actually there is one thing i did liked, and it was the fact that is no one of those movies filled with action and people shooting zombies, expending silly amounts of ammo. In fact, this movie shows us how hard and mad everyone will be on a post-apocalyptic world.

Is not like you will be looking for people, shoot zombies and have a good time, actually it would be totally different, as this movie shows to us. Maybe this movie is not the greatest of this genre, but it makes a good job.

Games for War! Anomaly Warzone Earth

The first time i saw this game, was on the smartphone platform. The game was pretty good, but somehow, i had the feeling that the story and gameplay were lacking something. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that i found the game being sold on steam. It completes a little bit more the plot and has a few more mechanics than it’s mobile counterpart.

The gameplay is very simple, yet fun and original: are you familiar with those “tower defense” games, where you must place defenses to stop waves of enemies on a narrow path? Well, in this game, you are the one trying to open your way through the enemies towers, using tools like smoke screens and repair kits to help your squad.

A simple concept yet well executed in my opinion, and even if the story is not that great and interesting, the gameplay and mechanics compensate it. With new kind of towers, units and skills, you’ll have to adapt and improve your strategy if you want to survive on the hardest difficulty, which i recommend.

Music for outsiders: Linnea Henriksson

Yeah, we know you have guilty pleasures. We know you enjoy that pop song from the nineties and that is hidden in your music library. But we also know that when you want to show off your knowledge about music you give samples of foreign artists. Well for that moment of pop in your head we have a wonderful and talented swedish singer; Linnea Henriksson.

She was voted as Artist of the year in 2012 on Sweden, but before that she was discovered thanks to a talent’s TV show where she won the 4th place and began her uprising. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Her voice is lovely, soft and with that spectacular and iconic style of balkan electronic music background. Our recommendation: Lyckligaru nu from the Album Till minä älskade och älskare. Yep, try to pronounce it… I dare you! I double dare you!

You must read this! Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

No! Watching the movie doesn’t count as reading the book! Any book nerd will relate that! We have to make this as an obligation for ever person that we can. I mean, yes, we love entertaining books, but sometimes we get really deep; we use our best glasses, some wine, the best cheese, and we read some classic books. For sure, this is one of my favorite classical books, and the best latino book that I have ever read.

The books tells the story Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza, two young lovers, practically strangers from different social extracts. As you may have imagined their love is secret, but when Fermina Daza’s father finds about the romance he forces Fermina to finish the relationship, and practically sets up a relationship for her with another man, a rich doctor named Juvenal Urbino, that is far from what Fermina wants. However as time goes by, Fermina accepts him and marries the Juvenal Urbino

Florentino Ariza promises that he will wait for Fermina Daza… no matter the time required, but his promiscuity betrayed him very often (really often), meanwhile Fermina continued her life with Juvenal. Sometimes a good life, sometimes a mediocre life. Almost 50 years later… Juvenal dies and Florentino sees this as the opportunity to get back Fermina Daza.

No surprise that the Author Gabriel García Márquez is an iconic writer and Nobel prize winner. A master of literature.

-Lawrence and W


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