Daddy Long Legs: Game review

A simple game, with simple mechanics and simple art style. Seems pretty innocent, but could this game hide something else behind? What is the true nature of the game? Could it be more than it seems to be?

Daddy Long Legs is a game that came out on Android and iPhone devices. The concept behind the gameplay is pretty simple: Frustation. These days is common to see this kind of games, and they seem to be the most popular. “Flappy bird”, “Swing Copters”, “Timberman” and “Don’t Touch The Spikes” are some examples of this kind of games.

What is the main goal of the game? Well at first, it looks like you must help him walk as far as he can. This is harder than it sounds as he has very long and slender legs, no arms and what I assume it’s a pretty heavy body (head?), making even harder to help him keep his balance.

At first you’ll be struggling to take one or two strides, but after some practice you will be able to travel 10 meters… and then fall again. Also, you can watch your replays and share them with your friends and the world, which is a nice detail if you want to learn from your previous mistakes.

So far nothing seems unusual, right? well I was… intrigued about the whole concept to say the least. The name of the game sounded familiar to me, so I decided to look for it on google, and I was right, “Daddy longlegs” is an arachnid, but they are more closely related to scorpions.

But if we take a good look at it, it doesn’t resembles at all to this animal. In fact it doesn’t look like anything related at all (except prehaps the fact that both are hairy) But if we analyze the game from a different perspective, we could find something really bizarre.

First of all like I said before, the character in this game doesn’t resembles at all the arachnid with the same name. “Long legs” obviously indicates that he has indeed pretty long legs, but the word “Daddy” in his name probably indicates that he has at least one child.

But where is his child? Was he/she taken away from him? Prehaps “Daddy long legs” is looking for his lost descedant(s). Did someone take away his child(s) from him? Also let’s take a look at the background: a huge, white and empty world, with no one or nothing else around.

Where is everyone else? Is this some kind on limbo? the only things that we can see on the ground are some marks every 10 meters and some confetti that falls out of nowhere at certain points, making me think that is some kind of hell especially designed for “Daddy long legs”. Whoever is behind this enjoys watching him falling and bleeding over and over again.

The poor creature is desperately trying to escape from this madness, but he has to start from the beggining every time he fails, and he will fail a lot. His only hope? replay his actions at the end of every failure, in his last moments of life before starting over, trying to find out the way to get out…

Or maybe I shouldn’t think too much about it… Anyways, You can download it on the App Store and Google Play. Also, tell me what do you thing about all this, Do you have another theory? And by the way, my record is 184.75 m. so good luck!


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