Apps that we Love

Android Lollipop, iOS 8.1, the new Nexus and new iPads are coming soon. Let’s wait for them reserving this awesome Apps!


From the creators of “Secret” comes… your new best informer.

Everytime I hear the word “Ping” (is it even a proper word?) I can’t avoid thinking on the failure feature from iTunes that intended to make music more social. But this Ping is different, this Ping doesn’t want you to share, it wants to share with you; This App couldn’t be simpler, it shows a list of topics that every time you touch them they become colored and since that moment the App will send you news related to that topic, via push notifications.

It can tell you since what is trending on Twitter, if there is a Movie worth watching, inspirational, and not so kind, quotes to get fit (yes buddy, you need this) and even tell you if it is already friday. Cool right? As you may notice, the more you select, the more notifications you will get along the day making your iPhone go crazy, but some of the news are really interesting and fresh. The creators promised that the App doesn’t share information with anybody but, it learns from you giving you better suggestions along the time.

Available for free on iOS and for Android 


“Yo PowerPoint, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Apple had one of the best apps of all time…one of the best apps of all time!”

When you talk about productivity for Business, you think in Microsoft’s Office Suite, but when you are on a mobile platform… this changes a little.

The standard on presentations is and always have been Microsoft PowerPoint, we have used it because it lets us create slideshares quickly and without an extreme effort, but if you want to make an spectacular Job that’s when you knock iWork’s door.

There is already a PowerPoint app for iPad on the Market an a compatible version of all office in the iPhone, but it works fully only if you have an Office 360 account. The Keynote app offers that you can have the fully-featured app for free on every new device, and apart from that you get a powerful and beautiful app.

It works as fine as PowerPoint but it has the Apple Style which is seen in the animations and transitions which are “Cinema-quality”, the Gorgeous new slide transitions including Clothesline, Object Cube, Object Flip and Object Pop making every slide just beautiful. Also it lets you be a extension of you using it to control a Mac in a presentation and allowing the use of a pointer or to make annotations.

Only for iOS, free for newer devices.



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