Martech & Bits: Super Smash Bros for 3DS

Ohh yeah! 120 fights later we tell you our opinion.

We were at the Store on the night of October 2nd, we waited patiently and on the first minute (00:01) of October 3rd we received a copy of Super Smash Bros for 3DS. There were two options; give you the opinion right at that moment and fulfill your mind of fanboyism or wait a reasonable time a lot of experience and looking carefully to all the features. We went for the second option and now we bring you what you have been waiting for: the ultimate analysis.

Talking about Super Smash Bros (SSB) is talking about your childhood, about the best fighting game and about iconic characters fighting for supremacy. There are a lot of fight games out there that are classics and that give you best graphics, but they fail in what SSB wins; creating hype. While SSB can power-up and boost a console sales, others like Mortal Kombat, Injustice or Marvel Vs Capcom are born to sell to existing consoles, I mean there are just few cases in which you buy a PS Vita or a PS4 just to play Injustice, right? With SSB is different, you can buy a Wii U or a Nintendo 3DS JUST for this game.

Nintendo was so sure about SSB that they gave away DEMO versions of the game and they knew that you would buy the full version anyway because, it will be better, bigger and full of surprises. When you put your game in the console you start to feel that excitement that just a classic game can give you. As many Nintendo Video Games, it shows an introductory video showing movements and tips until you press a key or the touch screen. Then comes the main Menu;

The Menu shows the main modes that it Provides; the smash mode is the classic one in which you select to play solo or on multiplayer, then select a character, the opponents, the arena and the fight begins. The first time you will notice the lack of characters that in other versions have been there, but don’t worry; they, and others, will soon appear them, it only depends on your determination to unlock them because… yes! they are secret characters… and secret arenas.

To unlock the secret arenas you must follow the following steps;

And for the characters, well it will take a little longer because you must achieve the following;

Information vía Smashpedia Wikia

Also, there is a surprise and excitement to take control over the characters that are brand new like Samus Zero, Mega Man, the Wii Fit trainer, Villager and the Mii Characters.

Once you have overreacted enough about this news, you can center on playing, Let’s check the Games & More. When you enter to this section you will the Multiplayer or the solo mode. For the Solo you will identify 4 modes; Classic, All-Stars, Stadium and training. If you are familiar with the Super Smash Brawl for Wii, you will identify just well with the Stadium; it has 3 main activities in which you must have a high score punching a bag and send them with a smash as far as you can, throwing a bomb after hitting it and assault were you must beat a certain number of Mii characters (against 10, against 100, the best in 3 minutes, infinite, take down more than your rival or against really strong rivals).

For the classic mode, you must select a character a difficulty, higher difficulty means higher rewards but be realistic and select an appropriate difficulty. Once in the game the character you choose will fight other characters but all depends of the path you chose;

Once you fight and beat the challengers in the scenarios you must beat the final boss… The Hand (or hands, depending on the difficulty). If you make it, you will win all the awards you have collected (like coins and abilities) so far and you will earn a trophy with the shape of the winner character. Also, there is a surprise in the credits (clue: you must destroy them to find out!).

The Stars mode is similar except that you don’t choose a path, the challengers como in waves in chronological order of appearance in history. So it is not a big surprise when Little Mac, Pac-Man and Mario are the first rivals. Every time you beat an era you are sent to a lobby where you can recover health or go to for the next fight… one more thing… the damage received is accumulated and the health can be restored just 2 times along the game so… choose wisely.

In the main Menu there is a mode called Smash Run… and it is really entertaining; you are dropped in an area where you must beat rivals and open chest to get rewards and add-ons in five minutes, the more you get the better your performance will be for the final battle. In this battle there you must be better that your rivals in the mode that appears, which can be going further, higher or beating rivals.

It is a fun mode, unfortunately it lasts only 2 minutes making the preparing time longer that the actual game… It does not works like a replacement for a campaign but sure does its work if you are on multiplayer.

So this may work as a guide doesn’t it? We know that the best part of a game is actually playing it so… don’t wait and go for it! It is extremely fun and almost every 3DS owner already has it so the StreetPasses aren’t disappointing.

This game will make lots and lots of game hours on your console, you won’t regret getting it and the best part is that even if you don’t have friends with 3DS the Multiplayer online does a good work. If you don’t feel on the mood of playing you can watch actual battles happening around the world… and even betting for the winner!

Rating: 4.9 out of 5


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