EGS 2014 Mexico

Last weekend, i was on the Electronic Game Show on Mexico, and to be honest it was my first time on a show like that. The people, the games, the gifts… everything was so exciting and amazing, especially for a fan of videogames like me. Want to know how was it? Then let’s go!

First of all the EGS is an annual trade fair celebrated in Mexico City. Obviously is not match for expos such as the E3 or Gamescom, but still I loved it and it had a fair ammount of attention, as the line to get inside was pretty long.

The firts thing I saw was the stand of “Just Dance”; i’ve never felt attracted for any game that involves dancing (mostly because I have 2 left feet) but then I saw some people dancing songs from Ylvis, Lady Gaga among others, and it seemed pretty damn fun and hard. For the most part, the movement detection seemed ok with a few failures here and there, but they were barely noticible. Still i think that fans of the game will love it.

The next place I visted was the Playstation’s stand. There were a huge ammount on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita to test, along with a larga variety of demos to play, such as Kill Zone, The last of us remastered, The Evil Within, Entwined, Bloodborne, Drive Club and The Order 1886 among others. Also, they were gifting stuff like backpacks, shirts and hats if you played enough demos (and believe me, it was way harder than it sounds)

Bloodborne was the one i was looking forward as a fan of the Souls series, and if you were dissapointed with Dark Souls 2, this game will redeem FromSoftware. BloodBorne has a pretty dark and gory atmosphere, filled with enemies and complex level design (unlike DS2).

The demo was pretty hard to be honest, specially because is hard to adapt to the new controls. When you lock-on a target, you can’t roll, instead you give a quick step. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the quick step doesn’t help you to avoid damage, and if you are used to roll a lot in any souls game this will soon become a problem. The weapons were pretty cool, especially the changing weapong, which i think will open a lot of new mechanics and strategies on PVP.

The other game was The Order 1886. And it seems like a lot of people wanted to play it, because i had to wait in line for around 1 and a half hour! and it was pretty annoying because it only was a 5 minutes demo!

Anyways, after waiting for so long, i was impressed for what i saw: the graphics were pretty awesome (actually i can’t remember any game looking this good (PC doesn’t count (PC master race))) and i loved the Thermite Rifle, it is an awesome and clever weapon in my opinion. To be honest i barely knew anything about this game before playing the demo, but now i really want it.

Later I wanted to see the xbox’s section, and it was really dissapointing and sad to be honest. It was way smaller than the PS section, and the only demos (important ones) I can recall are Sunset Overdrive, FIFA, Halo and Assassins Creed (also there was Shadow of Mordor and The witcher 3 if i recall correctly, but those were in the Warner Bros section)

And even so, i walked near the Halo collection demo, and none of the Xbox worked for like an hour. And that doesn’t mean that PS was perfect, in fact i remember that 3 consoles were crashing over and over, but even so they tried to fix them ASAP, unlike Microsoft’s consoles.

Besides that little detail, everything else was great: people playing super smash brothers, marvel vs capcom, king of fighters among some other small tournaments such as mario kart. Also there were some other companies as Ubisoft, Bandai and activision, but they were mostly gifting stuff and showing videos from their new games.

The whole experience was exhausting, yet rewarding especially if you go there with a few friends. What are you experiences in this kind of events? Let us know on the comments!



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