Apps that we love! 

Most of the time we are immersed into the same Apps over and over again… let’s change that routine and add some awesome and fun Apps to your phone, shall we begin?


Bob is a fisherman that is… not very bright. To be honest he spends most of his day on InstaBob, the only social network for one man deprived of fingers. Yep, he lost his fingers while sleeping on his boat, the jellies bitted him and left his with no fingers on one hand. Now he must travel around the world to get back his precious fingers.

While he travels he reports absolutely everything, including selfies and annoying hashtags (#instalove, #life4like, etc.), but as Bob the fisherman is a good guy is your work to help him to catch the Jellies, strange and colorful… jellies (?), and recover his fingers. The concept is simple, drag your finger and reunite the jellies from the same color, that make a streak, but if you want more points you can connect Jellies to close the figure to make extra points.

The game is pretty addictive and is beautifully crafted. This guys really compromised making and awesome and gorgeous interface; every casual game should be as detailed as this one.

Only for iOS. Free from Oct 9th to 16th.

Word Lens

“Are we already in the future?” Probably your first words after testing this App. Word Lens is an awesome App that uses the camera of your device, and translate the printed text that is sees to the lenguage you decide.

It works offline, and gives pretty accurate translations. It tries to imitate the background of the text and the color of the letters giving results that may look like magic. To use this you must select the languages involved, put steady the device and the App will do the rest.

For example, check this text:

It is a translation from German to English. It looks like there has never been german on it right? Well besides English and German, it works with all this languages:

  1. English ←> Spanish
  2. English ←> French
  3. English ←> German
  4. English ←> Italian
  5. English ←> Russian
  6. English ←> Portuguese
  7. English ←> Spanish
  8. English ←> Spanish
  9. English ←> French
  10. English ←> French

The translation is not always perfect, but it gives you a clear idea about what does the text says, also if you have a shaky hand you may pass a bad time but let’s be honest; you won’t find something easier (and cheaper) to make casual translations.

Do you know what is the best part? All the languages shown are free! Well, it says that they are free for a Limited time… but we can be sure for how long so thank me later and Go Go Go!

Available on Google Play, App Store and Glass



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