Midweek’s Blender

How is your week going? And how was school/work today? Oh! Really? That’s great dude! Go and prepare you a Coffee while we give you the best recommendations for this week! (Not even your partner gives you as much attention as we do)

Dawn of the Dead

Movies for Zombies

Yes, Maybe we are watching a little too many Movies/Books about Zombies… but who isn’t? They are like the new trendy thing on pop culture and some of the works with them are actually good; Dawn of the Dead is the first mainstream movie from the director Zack Snyder.

This Zombies are the runner’s kind. They are crazy for blood, obsessed with biting and they appeared around the world in a matter of hours. The movie centers on a group of survivors that make their way to a local Mall where they establish place to survive. As time passes and hope fails, they decide to go for an alternative: Take a boat from the coast and go to an Island… maybe that places aren’t infected, right? But the desperation may be bigger and some decisions can put them in mortal risk. Will they made it to the coast?

Starring Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Mekhi Phifer, Ty Burrell and Michael Kelly. Available on Netflix.

Kiesza is the new sensation in music

Dance-House? Modern EDM? Pop? Why not All of them?

Are all canadians nice? Well, certainly many of them are extremely talented like this new sensation girl.


She says that before singer or dancer she is a composer, and her recent hit showed all her potential; while the song Hideaway remained for several weeks on the top of the charts, many producers and singers looked for her talent and her lyrics have been sold for singers like Rihanna, not bad, huh?

Just a warning… this song is a hit from the summer so if you are not into mainstream music… you should avoid it… or her rhythm will get stucked in your head for months and months…

Her Album Available on Spotify.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Not Zombies Now, but… bring on the ghosts!

Everytime you play a Video Game from Nintendo you have that awesome-great-nostalgic feel. Luigi’s Mansion is not the exception; This may be one of the best titles from Nintendo for the 3DS.

Luigi was having a great and relaxed day, he sat on his couch… and that happened… Dr. E. Gadd appeared in his TV and dragged him across his computer to the Evershade Valley. Confused, tired and afraid Luigi appeared in front of the Doctor. Immediately E. Gadd told Luigi was there: the The Dark Moon in the Evershade Valley was the reason that the paranormal activity was controlled in the area but someone broke it and put a piece of the moon somewhere in the surroundings… and as Luigi is the best ghost’s hunter (actually the only one that Dr. E. Gadd knows) he will have to go and catch the ghost and return the peace to the Valley.

Each Mansion has different challenges that require concentration, creativity and a big determination to beat the final boss of everyone. Also there are a lot of hidden treasures making the game experience great and giving a long and enjoyable time to play. Also, it has a multiplayer that turns out to be really awesome and fun… Definitely a must have! Oh..! and the cameo at the very end of the game… is just a classic!



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