Movie Monday Presents: Dracula Untold

It seems that the movie studios are pretty obsessed about telling us “untold stories” of classical characters… And all the attempts have been really worthless, is this a different movie?

Maybe you’ve noticed that in the last couple of days we haven’t updated that much… well, it is because we have been preparing awesome content and visiting the best places to give you fresh and great news. But you don’t care, right? You are here for cool opinions, well… here we go!

At first glance Dracula has always been, in movies, a character that has a big appetite for blood, is really powerful and his mottos are ambition, hunger and domination. The new line that the major studios are following is to give us a known character and tell us that it’s main plot has always been different as the one we know; they justify it with a background story, some new characters and sometimes even pushing the story to strange limits. Examples? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Amazing Spider-Man, I, Frankenstein, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and soon Exodus: Gods and Kings

For Dracula Untold it is introduced Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans), a powerful warrior that once commanded an entire army in which he was known for his sanguinary style of fight and was feared for his feats. When every army was defeated he returned as the prince of Transylvania, where he ruled with peace and found a woman that he truly loved, Mirena (Sarah Gadon).

But the peace broke when Sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) demanded the Transylvanian kingdom 1000 boys, including the son of Vlad, Ingeras (Art Parkinson). He refused to that when he remembered the pain that he passed when he has taken away as a child and separated from his mother. So he decides to confront the army of Mehmed, but as his kingdom won’t resist such battle he goes for a darker path.

Vlad goes to the Broken Tooth Mountain, apparently the source of fear from all the villagers, and finds Caligula (Charles Dance). Caligula is no longer a Man, time ago he sold himself to the devil for a greater power leaving his existence with some consequences: The power of 100 men, the fierce of an army and the capacity of converting himself in a bunch of bats that he can also control (?). But the price is big: He can’t expose to the sun, his hunger for blood will be endless and he will have a weakness for silver. But if in the first 3 days he is able to avoid drinking blood… there will be no consequences. Pretty damn convenient.

Vlad makes an agreement with Caligula and in the first day he makes so much murders that I expected that there appeared some pop-ups claiming “Killing spree”, “Mega kill” and “Dominating!!”. Obviously he destroyed that army by himself… and eventually his people discovered that he was a vampire… so they were no longer ok with that. Vlad was pissed off because he sacrificed his life to save them and even his people was against him.

For a Finals stand Vlad faces Mehmed and his army. But will he be able to stop them? The 3 days are about to finish and he will become a human again losing his advantage and powers. Should he convert himself to save his people? or will he as a man fight against and endless army? [insert a plot twist here so you have to see the movie to understand the facts].

 I don’t recommend this movie, because at the end you don’t know exactly how to feel. Confused? Relieved? Maybe not satisfied? Maybe all of them. Since the story might seem decent the way it is told is not that good, and sometimes the plot gets just boring.

The FX are pretty good, and the acting is a little forced but passable, the big problem is the plot: The insisted on selling us the story of Dracula and how he did that because he had no choice, and that makes me disappointed; Why are they recycling Dracula? If they wanted to make this movie it would have been great if they have created an entirely new character, a vampire not necessarily related to Dracula, because everybody knows Dracula and giving him this human touch doesn’t make his great, makes him awkward.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


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