Thursbook presents: The Strain

Vampires? Yes, they are here. But no. They don’t have a shinny skin or a big and fancy hair. They are parasites. And they are converting everyone into monsters.

When I heard Guillermo del Toro was co-writing with Chuck Hogan a novel, I almost fainted in excitement. When I discovered that this was a Vampires story I started to lose some of that excitement. Anyway I gave them the opportunity to amaze me and in this novel they did it.

I will be clear. In this review I’m referring to the Novel, I’m not telling about the TV Show and I’m not talking about the 3 books. I’m just talking of the First book.

It was a normal morning on NYC, the day was developing just fine; an Boeing 767 arrived to the JFK airport aaaaand… nothing happened. Literally nothing. There were no sound. No movement. Just darkness. And dead bodies.

All the passengers were dead. But what could possibly cause that? How could they even land? The Dr. Ephraim Goodweather supposed it was a virus… maybe a biological threat; It was clear something was wrong. But there were no clear signs of sickness and everything seemed normal, except for the coffin… and some ashes.

Professor Abraham Setrakian was the owner of a pawnshop in the city, and he was very interested in that recent event. He knew this wasn’t a coincidence an that the final was imminent; the Master have returned. But the professor couldn’t face him by himself, he was alone, old and could be easily destroyed, so he teamed up with Dr. Ephraim and Dr. Nora.

As the time passes the dead people began to return… but they were aggressive, strong and with a big hunger of blood. A transformation occurred; a parasite (described as a worm) entered to their bodies and started to develop organs and changing the physical appearance of the guest. A race of vampires was born.

The future is compromised and as the Dr. Ephraim starts to look for his family with his new team, he starts finding other people, like a mexican wrestler that has survived thanks to his abilities, but for every victory they lose time to stop the infection.

Everytime they killed a vampire the resident worm tried to invade the closest body available, so when an inexperienced person killed a vampire… they were converted into another vampire. But Professor Setrakian thought his team that crosses and garlic would do nothing to stop the tragic events; UV rays and silver were the real weapons. And his sword (with the figure of a wolf) was his best companion. Could they beat the Master before he gets stronger and conquers every place on earth?…

 The series is conformed by three books. Personally I recommend you just the first 2 and the comics, for the illustrations. And I strongly recommend you stay away from the final book, because instead of being an epic book, it is a boring and naive final to an awesome and strong book like the first one.

If you are into action, horror and vampires explained with a scientific basis, This book is for you. Unfortunately if you get really attached to the story, it will be better if you imagine the final book or if you simply pretend it never existed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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