Apps That We Love

Hey there, I see you came back for more apps. What, are you new here? are you lost? Well, here on “Apps that we love” we will give you a selection of our favorite apps for our phones. So let’s start with it, shall we?


PowerAmp is a great choice for those Android users looking for a great and customizable music player. Before this one, I was stuck with Google’s Play Music app, and it wasn’t that bad, but googles equalizer and the lack of customization wasn’t that attractive to me.

When I found PowerAmp I tried the free 7 days demo, and after a few hours I bought it. The first thing that I love about it is the equalizer; unlike others, it has it doesn’t use your default phone equalizer, meaning that you can completely change it’s 10 bands at your will. Even better, you can make different presets for different songs, making the whole thing even bigger.

You don’t like the default Android lockscreen? PowerAmp has its own lockscreen, which you can customize too! It may have some incompatibility problems, but so far it has worked well on 2 different phones I have tested. The amount of options is so big, that even allows you to change the skin of the app (there is a fair amount of free skins).

You hate the lack of customization of the widgets? They have that solved too! Select the size of the widget, color, font, font size and the amount of information in any way you desire, the whole player is at your disposition.

PowerAmp it’s avaible on Google play.

Bill Killem

Endless Runners have had a huge portion of our devices, isn’t it? They are addictive, fun and every time you have the same adventure; but different result. It all stands in your creativity and focus to play, making your coordination mind-hand stronger. Bill Killem is all of this game-mode but in a 16-bit style.

The story of Bill started when an Alien invasion ruined his movie premier… and since he is a badass-actor he is gonna make the aliens pay at his own style; with guns and custom clothes.; but as far as he gets the games becomes more and more challenging.

The game has 4 buttons; Jump, shoot, move forward and backwards. That’s it. The challenge comes when you must coordinate your movements to go as far as possible as fast as possible because the aliens are trying to abduct Bill and you must collect clock’s to avoid the ray. Be game works in a freemium mode so if you want to know what happens you must play really hard or buy some “help” with in-app purchase. If you hate repetitions this game won’t suit you, but if you are into endless runers; we have a winner.

Available for free on the App Store.


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