Thursbook presents: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

Charlotte was the eldest of the three Brontë sisters. They were genuine geniuses, but Charlotte stands as my favorite writer just for this masterpiece and universal classic. Is Jane Eyre, a novel written in the XIX century, a story to impress you?

There was a time when all I read were classic books; I hated some of them because the stories were brilliant but the fact of being a classic was that many of that books were written for intellectual people or to be studied detail by detail to be truly understood; If you wanted to have a pleasure moment enjoying a soft story, these weren’t a good choice. But suddenly I started to read Jane Eyre… and I got attached to it since page 1.

The book is genius, the characters are deep and smart. And the Jane Eyre, the main character, is a woman to admire. She is a woman that puts her faith and effort on everything making her truly a heroin; The book is told in first person so that, Jane is giving you every detail from her and opening her heart to the readers.

Her story begins when she is just an orphan child known for her singular temperament and her strong personality; she lived with her aunt, Mrs Reed. Jane’s father made Mrs. Reed promise that she must raise Jane as her child, but Jane had a really humiliating childhood courtesy of her cousin (a spoiled kid) and her aunt.

When Jane stands against that humiliation and the way she is living, she is sent to school for girls: Lowood. There is the place where the story turns really strong because Jane must suffer even more that with her aunt; that school tries to make the girls strong, obedient and selfless, and that means that they must live hungry and cold. In that school Jane mets Helen Burns, a really smart girls which reflections along her dialogs make the book worth it. The problem is that that girl dies really early victim of pneumonia…

Eight years later, Jane decides that she in not attached to that world anymore so she published and ad offering her services as home teacher. She finds quickly a job in Thornfield as the teacher of Adèle Varens, a girl that is in custody of Mr. Rochester a man that, according to the housekeeper Mrs. Fairfax, stays in Thornfield just for few days every year.

After some events Jane meets his boss, a rude man that for reason… has some kind of sympathy for her. Also he spends more time in Thornfield. Jane starts to feel something. One night something strange happened in Thornfield and Jane saved Mr. Rochester’s life. It was clear that there was a big secret in that place…

Days later Mr. Rochester invites some friends including Blanche Ingram, a beautiful and rich woman that, according to everybody, Mr. Rochester is interested on. That makes Jane realize that she wants to be with him.

When they relationship becomes closer, Mr. Rochester confesses that he will get marry; breaking Jane’s heart. But her surprise was bigger when she discovered that he was talking about getting Marry with her. The day of the wedding everything seemed strange but that was the moment when it happened. The moment that separated them…

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You have read just half of the story, and this gets even better. Jane Eyre is maybe one of my favorite book ever. It has everything that you can expect from a great book, and more. When the book came out, it was a great success and every person that has read it can agree about why.

This novel is a must have and a must read. If you don’t have it you should go running for it and read until the dramatic and powerful conclusion of the book. Perhaps you have seen this story somewhere; well that story is inspired in this book, but this books is better that every related story. You just can imagine the final; it is mindblowing.



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