Midweek’s Blender

Ding-Dong! Are you ready for our recommendations? We know you are! We have classics, undead, the story of Apple and Microsoft and…video games soundtrack. So go for it!

Nobuo Uematsu

I just love Video Games Soundtrack!

This fellow is considered one of the greatest and most respected video game composer that exists. His most noticeable works are the majority of the scores of the final fantasy series, such as “Zanarkand” and “Terra’s theme”.

His music is just beautiful and enjoyable, even if you don’t know anything from the final fantasy series. His works has been performed in numerous concerts, and after hearing a few songs, you’ll know why. And the best of it is that you can hear his work free on Spotify.

Metal Slug Defense

Can i haz free stuff?

We are back with a free game for both, iOS and Android. We all have played Metal Slug at some point in our lives. Well i’m sorry to tell you that this game is not like the others, but still is pretty damn fun.

The game is oriented to a tower defense style, but is slightly different as you have to spawn soldiers to destroy the enemy’s base. Each unit has an special skill that you can activate by tapping it. The multiplayer is really fun but i suggest you to stay away from it until you have enough units.

You can also buy special units with medals (real money needed, but also you can earn them), but the game if you have enough skill, you can kick ass on multiplayer matches.

 Handling the Undead by John Ajvide

Don’t tell them they are not alive

Let The Right One In was a exciting, magnificent and extremely good novel from the swedish writer John Ajvide. We were really excited to know if that book was one on a million or if his talent was really out of comparison.

This book, developed in Stockholm, Sweden, tells 3 different story-lines that eventually get together and have something more in common; the human reaction about seeing that somebody died… and then came back. The novel starts with a strange phenomenon; There is some kind of electricity in the ambient that makes lights on all the time and a huge heat wave is making everything even more stressful. But the real trouble is that the graves are getting empty, the city is chaos and everybody is trying to understand what is the deal with the dead people all around.

The human reactions are the main point; would you be happy seeing that your recently wife came back?… but she is just not the same… she doesn’t have intelligence or even a clue about who is she… but you know who she is and you love her even that way. Would you accept this as the signs of the apocalypse? Maybe you’re the one that knows the meaning of all this…

Pirates of Silicon Valley 

Was Jobs a genius… or a mad man?

A few years ago a nerd was someone bullied because he saw the world different. Now a nerd can be your next boss. But what happened to make this statement true? Computers happened. When Steve Jobs and steve Wozniak introduced the first “real-computer” for humans back in the 70’s, the world was insane. It was revolutionary; and Jobs knew the business that he had to do and what he needed to steal to succeed.

Near them Bill Gates was a smart boy that sold to IBM the licence of a software that “he wrote”; the very first MS-DOS and the father of Windows. He knew that was he was selling would make him very rich, and while Jobs and Gates were going to the top; serious menaces appeared; for Gates, the Mac. For Jobs his personality and how everybody thought that the company Apple was to big to be managed by a teenager.

This film is advertised as the “True Story of how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world”, we can’t say that this is entirely truth but, this is a great movie that can teach you a lot about how the world is ruled by geniuses.

-W and Lawrence


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