Movie monday presents: The Thing

A parasitic alien lifeform has invaded an isolated research camp on the antarctic, but no one knows what it is or how to fight it, as it slowly kills and absorbs other people, taking their form to deceive the rest of them, killing them one by one as they , making them become more and more paranoic, unable to trust each others anymore.

The thing” was a movie released in 1982, directed by the acclaimed John Carpenter and written by Bill Lancaster. And even after so many years, this movie manage to be a great film with an original plot, interesting enough to keep me at the edge of my seat most of the time.

The movie starts with a norwegian man with a rifle, hunting a dog for no apparent reason. One of the american researchers called Garry shoots the man, and saves the dog. Later, the americans send 2 other guys to the norwegian base, looking for answers of this weird incident.

After this we realize that the dog is not what it seems to be, as it starts to take its real shape and attacks the other dogs. But soon the beast is incinerated by the dog camp handler, and it seems like it’s over… or is it?

As the movie continues, we discovered than even if it is dead, the creature’s remains are still active at a cellular level, meaning that it can still spread to other lifeforms. Soon they discover that the parasite has assimilated some members of the group, killing the other dogs and destroying their vehicles and radio, leaving them trapped with a monster that could be disguised as any of them.

And i could keep going and talk more about what happens next, but the fun of the movie is not being able to know who is still human, so i really suggest you to go right now and see this master piece of the horror movies. The suspense, the paranoia, the horrible and well crafted parasite, all of these combined with the fact that you can’t tell who is infected and who is not keeps every situation tense and terrifying.

It doesn’t matter that the movie is old, the argument is well explained, the soundtrack is thrilling, the creature is terrifying, the special effects are great (please consider the year) and the actors are just awesome.

If you enjoy classic movies, you will love this one especially since in 2011 they made a prequel, showing how the norwegians found the alien creature and what happened to them after that. I know it doesn’t looks like today’s movies, is not full of action or people shooting stuff, but for those seeking for an amazing plot, this movie is perfect for you.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5



2 responses to “Movie monday presents: The Thing

  1. Nice review; if you liked that movie you should check out The Thing from Another World (1951) this is the original based on John W. Campbell’s novella “Who Goes There?”, if you write a review on this someday I’d definitely read that too!


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