Apps That We Love: iOS 8 Edition

iOS 8 finally arrived to your precious device (or your new one) and you must be thinking about how get some stuff done. Here are our recommendations to make you more efficient… with fun.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Yes, Android user’s. You were right. This keyboard is awesome. I installed this keyboard on my iPhone the day it came out on iOS 8 and since the first day I can’t leave it. It’s gorgeous, it’s simple and it is insanely acurate. Writing is a pleasure and the swipe mode, works like magic. Definetively this was something that makes iOS 8 worth it. By now you should have downloaded this, but if you haven’t you should do it now.

The predictive mode is pretty good, the the fun part is when you swipe; writing is now super fast. The other amazing capability is how you can write in two different languages and the keyboard will recognize every language and won’t make a mess, you can start something in Spanish and finish it on English without troubles; Now writing “Gracias señor. Thank you” won’t look line “Graciously senor. Thank you”

Available for free on the App Store. 


Apple updated an already great and powerful app to a bigger and better one. iMovie is in my experience, the vest tool to edit quickly a video on HD with great results. The old stuff like trailers and picture-in-picture mode are still there and they added even more, like the filters for video. Now, you can have filters like the ones on Instagram but in your videos; you won’t need to open Photoshop or After Effects to add that awesome touch to your video’s library.

The other great upgrade for iMovie is the integration with the App “Photos”, now you can edit right on the “Videos” album. Now, you can select the videos, then select the icon of the three dots on the right-top and select iMovie. Now you will be using some of the main features right in the “Photos” app like cut, filters, add title and add music. Video edition has never been easier.

Available on the App Store. Free for eligible iPhone and iPads.



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