Midweek’s Blender

Midweek’s Blender

We are late so there is no time to waste! Read our amazing recomendations now! Thank me later! GO! GO! GO!

Volgarr the viking

Viking games for Biking people. Or not.

Remember the time where everyone wanted better graphics and awesome cinematics? Well, the new trend these days seems to be retro games, and there are a lot of them out there, but just a few really worth it’s price.

Volgarr the viking is one of them, and in my opinion is one of those games that really deserved more attention. This retro style game will let us guide Volgarr on his unknown quest through hordes of beasts and other enemies. It has a pretty high learning curve, and it can be pretty hard sometimes, but that is exactly what makes it so awesome: the challenge.

 In the Mouth of Madness

If you know about good movies. You’ve got to know about this film!

In the Mouth of Madness is a film made in 1995 by John Carpenter, the original director of “The thing”, One of the greatest horror movie on the history in my opinion. Even if it wasn’t popular i’m pretty sure some of you will love it.

This horror movie is inspired on Lovecraft’s horror style starts with a patient in a psychiatric hospital, John Trent, who start telling his doctor the events that led him there, and how the world is slowly driven to madness just by a book. But what about the people who doesn’t like to read? Well, there is a movie… Can you guess the name of it?

The invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.

Let’s feed your imagination with this book!

This book is incredible well designed, structured and illustrated. You will find out that this book is full of beautiful pictures made in a carbon style. All are created to transport your mind to the action by the hand of the genius kid Hugo Cabret; Hugo is an orphan that works synchronizing the clocks at the train station of Paris, place that is also his home. He has tried for years to reconstruct an automaton. This robot may hide a secret that links Hugo to his father.

This book links fantasy with adventure and a real story that happened to the mythic Georges Méliès. If the edition that you buy is different to the showed in the next image, you should not buy it. I repeat: If the edition is different from this you should not buy it. This edition is perfection for the size, the illustrations and the general experience. A must have.

Songs of Innocence by U2

You are forced to hear this one! Literally.

If you own an iPod, iPhone, iPad or an iTunes account you have already seen this bad boy that not everybody seems to enjoy. I enjoyed it. It it fresh, it is good and it is the return of U2 since they presented No Line On The Horizon on 2009. Not Apple is giving this to you. Free.

I particularly enjoyed Every Breaking Way, it is U2 showing off its talent and the music that made the famous. I can understand that many people hated the fact of having this gift on their music library, for many, a sacred placed, but I actually was excited and downloaded this immediately. You have a reason to hate it? Tell us why. I don’t need to put the download link. Right?

-Lawrence and W.


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