Martech & Bits: Apple Watch

A week later is the best moment to give you the best opinion; you are not blinded or mad for the presentation and the news that came after event give you a new perspective. So here we go!

Everybody knew that Apple was after the clock’s market; a new and still awkward business. And everybody, even the competitors, knows that when you need a revolution you must call Apple. The iPhone, the iMac, the iPad and iTunes are some examples that, by Steve Job’s hand, were a success that convert Apple from the dying company the the biggest brand in technology (I still believe this title belongs to google, but $ says no). And the watch promises a new land, poorly explored and with high potential. I mean, immediately I don’t need a watch and a cheap one will make the work just fine, but is in Apple hands convince me that I’m wrong and that I need to choose a side? Staying in line… is the iWatch what I need?

In the keynote Tim Cook went to the stage and presented their new daughter(or son, it’s just a metaphor): the Apple Watch, first of all, forget the “i” before the product’s name and change it for “Apple ”. Now you have a device that is the most personal product made by Apple. Before the keynote, the audience saw a Pretzy-style video in which Apple shows its new philosophy; a mix between Fashion, Modernism and Art. Apparently the intersection between liberal arts and Technology is not a interest point now. Some words got stucked in my head: “It’s not about being first, but being ‘first with meaning’”. I couldn’t agree more with Jiggity when they say that Jobsian Apple would have never said something so weak.


Dead end?After showing the Watch, a video narrated by Jony Ive showed the most important of the Apple Watch; its design, its colors, its intuitive software and its new crown. No one was even close to the design that Apple showed; not the most adventurer graphical designer, neither the analyst. Every design was incorrect, because everybody taught that Apple would do something that would take us from surprise. When Apple presented the original iPhone it wasn’t introduced as just a phone it was a real experience for internet (not the shitty WAP browser), an iPod and also a phone. It’s, by the time, big screen broke the competence and it was the phone that Jesus would use.

The Apple Watch is not that, the Apple Watch is made to be trendy, to be luxurious, to be desired by the masses and vilified by the competitors. The Apple Watch was made to the loved or hated. It broke the simplicity and centered on attack as many fronts as possible with its three lines: The Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. Everyone with a distinctive combination, prices and in two sizes; this makes over 60 possible combinations. In the past you recognized when someone had an iPhone because it was THE iPhone, for the Apple Watch it changes; you will have a specific style of a specific edition of the Apple Watch. You won’t have THE Apple Watch. Don’t get me wrong; getting over Steve Job’s style is not a bad way, it is simply a different way. And it is working; the Apple Watch will be a huge success when it hit stores on early 2015.

The technical specifications of the device are not that important, because the watch that Apple presented doesn’t make magic; it just makes sense. It is a device to be the perfect companion for your iPhone, it will provide you about the information that you need, the way you need it and at the moment that you need it. It will integrate with your iPhone beautifully and with armony giving you notifications, directions, your latest emails and messages. Also, it will have some cool features like controlling the camera from the iPhone, track your activities and give you rewards for achieving goals and even synchronizes your heart beat with the app Health or sends it as a message to someone in your contacts. Music, Siri and reminders are also there, the integration with Siri is obvious but it is not the master of your wrist, the real master is the crown; a physical button on the side of the device that must be pressed to get yo to the Home Menu and can be turned to have scroll or zoom on Apps and the in the Home Menu.

A major concern was the battery life, but it seems to be fair enough to survive a whole day using the watch with moderation. Apple adopted the inductive charging and made it similar to the MagSafe.

Good thing; there will be a Developers Kit, so new ideas will come in the next months to add value to the device; we are excited about that because the imagination of the developers has always amazed us.

By now, I’m not thinking in buying it. My eyes are looking directly to the Moto 360, but this device also needs to maturate to be taken seriously for the masses, and for now is just an obscure object of desire for the geeks. Maybe the Apple Watch is what the business needs to make the second (or third?) generation of the Watches a really good and worth-buying product. I’m not in supporting the model of making a generation every year, but let’s face it; this model won’t change soon.

For the moment my iPhone 5s will stay by my side with no companion and the switch to Android will be postponed because Apple played their cards, and they will make the Watches’ Market a real Battlefield. The winner? Costumers (I think?). The loser… Our wallets.



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