Coffee Sunday: Net Neutrality?

Today we are introducing a brand new section: In this relax sunday we will present you topics that concern you. That need you to take action. In which you will make difference. We start with the internet and a new menace for its freedom.

Not so long ago, the wonderful and magical land of “Internet” was in danger, threatened by a monster called SOPA. After months of fierce battle, SOPA was defeated, and Internet was safe once again. Now, a new threat is around the corner, and is our duty to defend our land.

Now, this is not a law that threats our privacy and free speech, but it is something as bad as it. Some of you may already heard about this, but please help us to spread the word for those who don’t, because this is something that concerns us all.

First, I will try to explain the problem. As you may know, the internet is replacing the TV as the most popular media of entertainment. This is mostly because it’s content is more diverse, and allow user to see what they want, when they want and where they want.

As the result, some cable companies such as Comcast want to implement a new kind of business model to prevent this. You may know that when we watch videos on Youtube or open Facebook, the page download information before showing it to you.

If you go to your browser and open Google, Twitter or Netflix, each website will use all your internet speed connection, with no particular preference.

You can see how this have become a problem to cable providers, since now most of the popular content is on the internet: news, series, movies, vlogs, reviews among others. What they want to do is charge you extra money to be able to visit a site (for example Netflix) at your full internet speed.

I’ll try to be more clear. Let’s say that it takes you 1 second to open Google, Facebook and Twitter; but it will take you a minute to load websites like Netflix, Youtube or even Dailymotion. At first you may not see it as a problem, “Who can’t wait a minute?” right?

But what about if it’s not a minute, but 10 minutes instead? what will happen when you try to open a video? do you think it will load? So now, you will have to pay more money only to be able to access those websites.

They could make a website load so slow, that maybe you won’t be able to open it at all. They will have control of what we can see and wich website succeeds. What will happen to new websites? or even the smaller ones? I feel disgusted just thinking about it.

For more information, please go to . Remember that no one has any right over the internet, and we have the duty to stop companies from doing such things.



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