Apps that we Love

We have a new iPhone nearly among us, but you don’t want a news or simple review about it, you want a real and strong opinion. We have an app for that! Games? We also have a great recommendation!


When you wanna know what is everybody gonna start talking tomorrow you have 2 options: Time travel and/or visit This guys cover all kind of information, opinions and news about trending topics on business, entertainment, tech and general news. What makes the experience really nice is that they have implemented an algorithm that knows which stories are about to be viral, and the App sends you a push notification telling you about it. So when you read it you are gonna be one of the first having an opinion about the topic.

The interface is simple, clear and friendly making the browse easy and fun. The opinions are really interesting and the sources and reliable, so don’t hesitate and give this app 5 minutes of your day time and experience today the topics of tomorrow.

Available on the App Store and the Play Store.

The Firm

The Firm is a casual 8-bit style game in which you are a new employee, maybe an intern, at a really big company that have just one goal: Make money. So when you go to work there the pressure and expectations are really high but, good news; your job is “simple”. You just have to select the good deals and pull them to the right, and to push the bad deals to the left. Pretty simple.

Oh! One more thing… The task is simple but for some reason the job is really hard so every mistake does the game harder and harder, even without mistakes the game starts to become really really complicated. You think you have what is needed? or will you end up on the street? (literally on the street). Extremely addictive.

We challenge you to beat the record achieved by one of our interns: $19,645 and #1568 worldwide on GameCenter.

Available only on the App Store for $0.99



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