Midweek’s Blender

Have you come here for forgiveness? Have you come to raise the dead? Have you come here to play Jesus? To the lepers in your head. Well maybe not, We know you are here for our awesome recommendations, so what are you waiting for? Go for it!

This book is not a Deception

Deception Point by Dan Brown.

Have you ever read a book written by Dan Brown? Well you should. His books are extremely entertaining, hard lo leave, extremely hard to forget and full of plots that make you think… is this science fiction? That is the majesty in Dan Brown’s books; You never know where is the reality and where is the fiction… all you know is how bigger and bigger gets the suspense. This book is not exception.

The presidential reelection is really close and the government needs something to make the president the winner, and the moment arrives when the NASA make and extremely mind-blowing discover in the arctic pole. Something that will revolutionize the science, the evolution theories and the scientific world forever; a meteorit with fossils that are very similar to the ones existing on earth… this means… that life wasn’t originated here… That is something that the NASA needed to hear because their future was compromised…this is pure air for them. The plot gets really interesting when Rachel Sexton, the daughter of the other candidate running for president, goes to the arctic pole to see the evidence… and everything seems legit but… it’s not. There is a huge conspiracy behind this… with no time, far away from the US and being chased by assassin’s she must figure out how to escape and tell the world the truth… before it’s too late.

This should have been a hit…

Alan Wake

 The xbox 360 came out on 2010 and the hype for this new console was big. A lot of publishers struggled to get in the front row and became extremely popular. Well, this is no the story of Alan Wake; the game was conceived by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Game Studios, but it wasn’t well advertised and passed quietly. In 2012 it got it’s PC version and the sales were actually good, but Remedy wasn’t so convinced to they left the project.

The game centers on the story of Alan Wake, a famous writer, that has a moment with no creativity and increasing aggressivity, so he goes with his wife to a town in, apparently, Alaska called Bright Falls. He goes for vacation but there is a strange and dark presence chasing him in there… Alan witnesses how his wife is dragged into the darkness of the lake. Alan goes for her but… he wakes in a car accident. He goes for help and on his way he finds a page from a book, a book that he was thinking to write… and this book is telling his future. And how the dark presence controls everything.

Novel-style game, fantastic graphics, beautiful details and great touches that you will notice as references for Stephen King’s novels, Hitchcock’s work and The Twilight Zone. This game should have been a classic, unfortunately it is not… and for that reason the sequel will never make it.

Finally a movie without Jim Carrey

Sweeney Todd

I know you all are going to miss Jim, but he will be around here some other time. This week we have one of the most entertaining musical movie that I’ve ever seen: “Sweeney Todd”. It can be a little slow at the start of the movie but later on it gets better and better.

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter always make a great couple on any movie directed by Tim Burton, so you must know what to expect by know.

A man who was took away from his wife just because a powerful man wanted her, is back years later to have his personal revenge, and he won’t let anyone to stand on his way. The world around the characters is dark and bizarre, and perfectly fits the atmosphere of revenge and death of this movie.

The game is good, but the music is even better!


Braid is a great game and we will talk about it some other time; instead, this time let’s talk about its soundtrack. The music is all so fitting to each level: so calm and deep. The mix between the level design and the music gives us an experience we will never forget.

All the music on the soundtrack is slow and relaxing. Some tracks will makes us feel happy, some others will make you feel melancholic and some other will help you to relax after those long days of work. They really did an exquisite joband remember you can hear it on Spotify.

-W and Lawrence


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