Movie Monday presents: Godzilla (2014)

The big japanese lizard has returned. He is stronger, taller and full of fury, the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital are coming on september 16th, should you get it? We will tell you.

OK , so the US filmmakers took the mythic Godzilla, the biggest name when you talk about monsters, then you add a linear plot, some cliché scenes, not so convincing actors and put it on a bMlender hoping that everything ends… good? Well, if you do this you’ll get the movie adaptation from 1998. What were the folks in Hollywood hoping to see when they hired Roland Emmerich? Anyway, for this movie they got their stuff together and went after Gareth Edwards, a new guy with a promise: an epic movie.

Godzilla is known enough, but Gareth Edwards got a backup plan hiring Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody; an american scientist working on a nuclear facility on Japan with his wife (Juliette Binoche). They knew that if Godzilla wouldn’t get you to the cinema for sure Heisenberg would.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Ford Brody, an US marine that was just a child when that strange accident occurred on the nuclear facility. He lost his mother and was convinced that from that moment his father wasn’t the same. So he returned to the states and time later married Elle (Elizabeth Olsen), after some time he decided to go and bring back his father, who was still living on Japan, to the US.

Ford knew that Joe wasn’t ok and maybe was losing his mind for the bunch of theories that he had about the accident on the Nuclear facility, but even he started to doubt when they went to a restricted area where their house used to be, and found that the place wasn’t toxic… The government was hiding something… maybe Joe Brody was right about conspiracy.

Joe and Ford brody were caught by the japanese military force and were transported to a military area where they saw a big spider-bat-like monster that was studied by Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), but the monster got out of control and destroyed the place…

This guy is big, but who cares? It is awesome!

But this monster was not alone, it was looking for its partner for… reproduction purposes. And, they decided that San Francisco was a great place for their needs. And here is where our here comes in action: Godzilla stands as the natural predator for this monsters… but the fight won’t be easy…

Ford knows that he must return to the US to protect Elle so he recommends her to stay in town until he arrives. Good idea. In his way to San Francisco, he is like a talisman for bad luck because everything happens to his divisions and almost every plan fails. Will he be on time to save Elle?

Godzilla’s look is almost a mystery because you have just cut takes, previews and all kind of tricks to make his apparition really anticipated. That is a nice strategy, because when you see the full Godzilla you get impressed; it is fantastic. This is how Godzilla should always be.

Most of the movie is just for fans and for people that want a great moment. Not a movie to judge. Not a movie to expect mucho about Bryan Cranston and definitively a movie in which the star is Godzilla.

The VFX, music and cast are great but the cinematography is the one that really makes the movie worth it; some takes are really spectacular. In general, the plot is not that complex and it is made to look Godzilla be awesomer, so don’t expect a masterpiece; expect a summer movie.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5



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