Midweek’s Blender

Midweek’s Blender

Hello Stonehenge! Who takes this week’s blender takes the universe! Now, Enjoy our recommendations and show us some love and feedback for the chance to be featured if your recommendation blows our mind.

This is not a movie, but series are horsin’ around.

Bojack Horseman


The 90’s was such a sweet time for family comedies and this horse was the main star of one of the greatest comedies. In the TV, he was the foster father of 3 child but, on real life and 20 years later, his fame has gone and Bojack Horseman(Will Arnett) is just a shadow of a celebrity; now he lives in his house at Hollywood with Todd (Aaron Paul) a lazy friend that lives in Bojack’s living room and spends his life… wasting it.

Returning to the top comes as an opportunity for Bojack when he receives an offer to tell his story in a book, as he is incapable of paying attention, he receives the help of a ghost writer named Diane (Alison Brie). As the time goes by, Diane discovers that Bojack’s life is a mess, and Bojack itself realizes how lonely he is when he breaks up with his girlfriend and representant Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris).

Funny, complex and extremely smart. It is not a classic adult comedy cartoon, it is a story with a great plot and a voice cast full of stars that is worth watching. We simply don’t get why the mixed critics; it is awesome. All episodes available on Netflix.


Play with the dead.

Into the Dead


We all hate free stuff, right? WRONG! we love it, it’s the only thing that keeps us alive. That is why once again we suggest you a free game. “Into the dead” is an endless run game released for iPhone and Android developed by PIKPOK.

Yes, there is a lot of endless runners, but this game is pretty unique. First of all, it is a first person game, meaning that you won’t see a bad animated character running, but instead it will make you feel like you are that bad animated character. The graphics are pretty amazing and the gameplay is kinda addictive.

There is stuff like weapons, dogs, etc that you can buy with in-app purchase, but that is up to you since the game is free to download.



Blame us if you become awesome for hearing this. 

Blood Stain Child


Blood Stain Child is a little hard to understand at first; It is a japanese “Modern Melodic Death Metal Electro-Industrial Euro-Trance” band. And this may sound a confusing and not appealing at all, but actually is really amazing and enjoyable.

Its style is unique (and we can see why) and they do an amazing job mixing this different kind of sounds to create a new music style like nothing you may heard before. And they are great at what they do, especially if you are tired of hearing the same kind of music and you are looking for something new and original.

If you want to hear it, you can listen to it on Spotify


A tiny book; huge stories

The tiny book of tiny stories.


 “The universe is not made of atoms; it’s made of tiny stories”. This stands as the slogan for the trilogy compiled by HITRECORDS and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It consist on a project of reunite stories that has one of tho phrases as the maximun lenght then the story is combined with a draw and then, your imagination interprets the story.

Many of the stories are just brilliant. Many are hilarious comedies, many are deep poems and many are sentences that make your imagination go free and make a bigger story. If you are looking for indie inspiration this book is the main option, and it is as funny as great. Check this example:


-W and Lawrence


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