Movie Monday: Lucy

She is the human that uses the most out of her brain. She is what a heroin wants to be. She is Lucy; the ultimate badass. But giving her unlimited power and knowledge is enough good to convince us about this movie? Find it out.

When you go to the cinema in summer, you know you won’t see brilliant stories, or reluctant actings. You are there for the loud, big, and linear plots of the movies. Luc Benson, tries to make a movie that breaks this rule and adds a fresh story full of action, that at the end is just another summer movie, actually, is all that you can expect from a summer movie.

Lucy, interpreted by the talented and sexy Scarlett Johansson, is an american girl that has no motto in life, just some fun and one night stand relationships, until she meets Richard (Pilou Asbæk), a man that is involved in some drug business with the Mafia in Taipei. Lucy is forced to deliver a package for Mr. Yang (Min-sik Choi) the chief, the alpha, the man than runs the entire organization. After some random scenes making an analogy using an antelope (Lucy) and a cheetah (The Mafia)they make clear that Lucy is about to be catched. 

Lucy is kidnapped with other “tourists” and used to transport in their belly a bag with a new experimental drug called CHP4, which is a synthetic compound that has the same structure of a substance that the women body create during pregnancy to give the fetus enough energy to grow up bones and their body.

Parallel to this story, it is introduced the story of the Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman), a man that has dedicated his entire life to investigate about the capacity of the mind, and he has determined the the average person uses just 10%, leaving us behind the dolphins that use 20% of their brain’s capacity. At this point, we were really entertained with the movie, but at the same moment we have one hand in our forehead…

The bag that is in Lucy’s belly, opens after someone who was taking care of her, hit her. Lucy starts feeling a change in her, and with her recently, really recently, acquired abilities sets her free. 


Now, that she starts to become more and more capable of use her brain she contacts professor Norman, apparently she believes he is the only one who can help her before he time reaches her (24 hours or less), so now she has two missions: retrieve the remaining bags of CHP4, hunt down the criminal cell behind her and… ohh! wait there is another mission: Meet with professor Norman, because of reasons.

As time goes by, the plot becomes more and more exaggerated and sometimes just unnecessary, I mean, if she is that powerful, she could have solved everything in seconds, and… when she starts to travel in time is really awesome but when she meet a dinosaur… I knew I had to reevaluate my life.


Scarlett’s acting is good, she provees that she is a genius and makes us believe if title is correct for the movie because TwoGamed believed that the movie should have been called “Black Widow: Origins” or “Scarlett Johansson, the untold story of how she became what she is now”. Joking. 

But seriously, this movie is really entertaining, fun and enjoyable, just one advice: Plug-off your brain from the middle of the movie and you will enjoy it more; if you are gonna judge it you may have a bad time. The two main stars make this movie the great success that will become, because if the the movie had other actors… it wouldn’t be that successful, I mean, if Morgan Freeman tells you that you only use 10% of your brain… you’ve got to believe the man. And if somebody asks you about a sexy, talented, versatile, genius and badass woman Scarlett Johansson stands as the main option.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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