Apps that we Love

This week we are giving our love to a game and an App. Shall we begin?


Hyperlapse by Instagram

You have already heard about Instagram, you know… the social network for selfies, “photographies”, and the social media made to share images and add filter. Now you remember! Well, Instagram made its own path on the social networks and leave a huge mark, then, it was bought by Facebook and everybody thought that the company would change; the fact is that almost nothing has changed, the company still has its own projects and the changes are minimum.

Their last project is an App for time-lapse and stabilized videos, it may not sounds as a big deal, but we tested the App, and it is quite impressive; the time-lapse videos are smooth, high-quality and in general terms with a professional look, also, the app let’s you choose the speed of the video so you can choose from 1x to 12x. Combining this with stabilized videos make a very simple way to make videos like a Pro.

By the way, this technique works only on new videos, so you won’t be able to apply this technique on the videos that you already have on your iOS device.

The thing is that you must be prepared because the net is about to become really really full of time-lapse videos (Do you recall the time when there were just slow-mo videos?). But, if you make an amazing video don’t hesitate to share it with us to make it our featured content, all right? Remember… amazing videos… we don’t want another cloud, or highway time-lapse… just saying.


Only on the App Store. Soon on the Play Store.


Wind-up Knight

This game brought to us by “Robot invader” is a great platformer for both, Android and iPhone. This is a non stop run game that may look simple and easy at first, but it will only get more and more challenging as you progress.

At first we can only jump, but later on we can attack, roll and cover us from falling objects like rocks and barrels. Also we can double jump and wall jump later on the game. 


It’s really amazing in both: mechanics and graphics for a “semi” free to play game. I call it like this because the game is divided in 4 books, to open each book you must pay with in-game money, but here is the trick: if you don’t want to spend a single penny on the game, you must clear each stage with S rank.

This means that you must collect every coin and a secret card in each level on a single try (which sometimes it may be harder than it sounds) and if you don’t, you won’t be able to continue to the next book. Besides that, this game is extremely entertaining, and you will spend a lot of time trying to get every achievement and clear every stage with S rank.

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-W and Lawrence


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