Thursbook is Looking for Alaska

Basically we are John Greened, we recognize his awesome work, how he can connect with his readers and how his stories are strong classicals that will last forever. With Looking for Alaska, John Green presents the story of Alaska Young, as seen by Miles Halter a boy looking for a great perhaps. Is this story worth it? Or as his first novel it is just an experiment? Check the complete review.

Miles is a boy that has a simple life, no friends beside his parents, basically he lives in comfort zone. He has a hobby, that consists in learning the last words of famous people, and in that inspiration he quotes the last words of Francois Rabelais ( “I go to seek a Great Perhaps”) to make a change on his life and go to a choosing boarding school.

After deciding this, he moves to his new school far from his parents and with no friends, the first day he meets his roommate: Chip Martin or “The Colonel”, he introduces him to Takumi, a simpatic boy that has asian roots. And The Colonel also introduces Alaska Young, an attractive, smart and mentally unstable student that is as alternative as changing. By the way, by this moment, nobody know Miles by his name, he is just known as “Pudge”… the ironic is that he is exactly the opposite of pudge. Nickname courtesy of The Colonel.

There is one consistence in this new school; the pranks must be genius to pass to the hall of fame, so every year the students put great effort in making the biggest, greatest and coolest. But as the year starts Pudge is victim of one from the “Weekday Warriors” a band of rich guys from the Birmingham-area; they grabbed Pudge out of his bed, duct-taped, and tossed him into a nearby lake. So, this is his life now.

The gang is completed with Lara a romanian girl who has been living in america since she was 12 years old, and sort of a girlfriend for Miles since a disastrous date arranged by Alaska. 

This guys have a lot of adventures, funny moments and great thing that you can learn from them… but the mystery that always has been around Alaska makes obvious that one day she will lose her mind and maybe put herself in danger, after all one of the words that mark her is the last one said by Simon Bolivar; “Damn it. How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!”…

Looking for Alaska is a tragic novel, full of moments that will stay in your memory for a long time and a big mystery behind Alaska…

Do you wanna know her mystery? You should! This novel stands as the best novel from John Green according to the crew of TwoGamed. Wanna share some with us? Don’t hesitate to do it! 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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