Midweek’s Blender

Are you a freshmen? a senior in college? A Mr Nobody? Well it doesn’t matter when the time is for fun! So check our Recommendations and show us some love and comments for this week’s selection!

Game is on creativity!

Scribblenauts Unmasked for 3DS


The game was tested con Nintendo 3DS but it works almost the same for every console so don’t worry if you want the PC edition.

Scribblenauts is a interesting concept in which you take control of Maxwell, a very smart and creative boy that has a magic notebook; using this notebook you can create whatever you want to solve situations: a handsome rainbow octopus? done! a red strong flying cthulhu? It is possible. Basically your imagination and creativity are the limit.

Accidentally, Maxwell and his sister Lily(who has a magic globe that lets her transporte to any place) got stucked in the DC universe, a fantasy that Maxwell has ever had, the problem is that Lily’s Globe broke and the pieces called starites that make the globe work, are missing all around the places of the DC universe, and all the villains of the DC universe are after this starities. Now Maxwell and the DC superheroes must stop the madness before it’s to late. Use your creativity and beat the villains!

Extremely fun. Really original. Simple plot but really good and epic ending.


Books! The best weapon in the world!

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman


Here at TwoGamed, we are huge fans of Neil Gaiman, and reading novels written by him is always a great, so this week we recommend you a classic novel from him.

Anansi, the spider, is dead. But, his death is really important because Anansi is a god, and he left behind two sons, fat Charlie; a boring and quiet man that lives in London and Spider… exactly the opposite from fat Charlie. The adventure began when fat Charlie met his brother… not a good idea. Because the fun is here… but this quickly becomes a truly nightmare. 

Will fat Charlie get rid of spider? or will spider destroy and Steal fat Charlie’s life? Read this fun book, full of great moments, surprises and a majestic narrative.

Music that will make you travel.

Ride the Sky


This is one of this times when you realize media is so wrong in so many levels. According to the Wikipedia:

It was a progressive power metal band formed by ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Masterplan drummer Uli Kusch, andTears of Anger members Bjørn Jansson and Benny Jansson. 

Unfortunely, this was the only album they released due the lack of focus from media, and it feels like wasted talent. I love power metal, and this album is amazing due the mix of different sounds and rhythms. If you haven’t heard them before, and if you love bands like Rhapsody or Derdian, you will enjoy this album.

Movie: the seventh art.

 The Number 23


I can hear you all right know “another Jim Carrey movie”, but this one is a pretty cool one too. In this movie, Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) is an animal control officer. He lives a normal life with his wife and son. But on his birthday, her wife gives him a book.

He begins to read the book, is pretty interesting. But he starts to see similarities between the main character of the book and himself. And then the thing starts getting a little more… weird. The book makes emphasis on the number “23″: names, address, colors, important dates… everything is related to this number, but why?

Walter gets really obsessed with it, looking for an answer. Taking him to the edge of madness as he tries to find why the number is chasing him. This thriller will keep you amazed of how just a number can drive a man to insanity.

Thanks for reading, we hope you liked it. Also please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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