Apps that we Love


We are introducing a new section in TwoGamed! Each week in Apps we Love, we will give you some apps that literally blew our minds, so go and Download now!


The 3D technology has been messing around, making mistakes, giving us cool results and giving us a lot of reasons to say “Wow”. Seene really took us for surprise; it’s a really simple, intuitive and cool app that let’s you take, see and share amazing photos with depth.

It is extremely easy to use and the results are great in most of the cases; it takes a little practice to improve the technique to take cool photos, but if you follow the rules you will get a phenomenal result. For example check this images.

The app lets you take photos with depth, it is not a 3D-3D but it gives you the impression that is a revolution for common photos, maybe Gallifreyan technology of 3D pictures? (Doctor Who FTW!)

Smooth and beautiful interface.

Only for iOS. Download 

Paper Keyboard

Do you wanna impress your friends with your new keyboard? Well, you can make it cheap, using the Paper Keyboard. It is an app that uses the front camera of your iPhone to map the space it sees, it uses a special keyboard that you can print and syncs with the camera of the iPhone.

It is pretty impressive but it is not practical, not at all; because the keyboard that you print must be in a flat area and there must not be any disturbance, also your fingers must be at certain distance from the “keyboard” all the time making painfully slow to write.

Also, the main features like integration with Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber and write emails are available via in-purchase, so for $0.99 you will get some mini-games.


Available for iOS. Download.

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