Top 5 melancholic videogames i’ve ever played.

Movies, shows, books, videogames… When they are done well, they make us experience wonderful things with their characters and stories. They make us laugh, scream and cry, and it’s not surprising that you may end up having feelings for some characters and who knows, maybe you learned a few things thanks to them.

This time, I want to make a review of those games that left a great impression on me when I played them. This are games that I have experience myself, and in some way or another made me feel melancholic, sad, nostalgic and in some cases made me cry. Be warned that we will have spoilers ahead, so read with caution.


From the start, this game brings sadness to the table. You are a mysterious figure wandering alone through the desert, with thousands of graves around you and no signs of life but a few cloth creatures. The intro music is slow, soft and depressive yet beautiful, and won’t get out of your head for days.

You may find someone to go with you in your journey. If you stay with him/her, she/he will be your only friend for the rest of the game, making the whole game more memorable. You may even grow feelings for this partner, as if it were an old friend.

And in the end, the only thing that awaits you is no other than cold, bitter death. You see your character slowly freezing, walking slower at each second, unable to fly or even make any sound, until it collapses into the ground.

After all, that is the journey of life, and when you realize that this game is about your life, you start questioning yourself if you are rushing to the end, or if you are really enjoying the travel. This game is really something beautiful.

Brothers: a tale of two sons.

This game was really great with its mechanics, as you have to control two characters at the same time, each one with their skills. At the start you see that their mother is dead, and their father is very sick. The two brothers go in a journey to get his father the medicine he needs, meeting some interesting creatures on their way.

At some point of the game, I figured out that one of the brothers was going to die; it was pretty predictable to be honest. And I wasn’t wrong, as almost at the end of the game the older brother is deadly injured, dying a few moments later.

I wasn’t impressed or sad, it was just “another death”, but then you see the little one digging a grave for his brother, and the game makes you drag the corpse, slowly. The worst part? I can’t recall correctly which button, but pressing it makes the younger brother to fall into the ground and start crying. Imagine yourself at that age, having to bury your own dead brother alone… I just couldn’t hold it.

At the end, you are left with a scene of the kid and his father, while is crying at the lost of his other son. He lost his wife and even worse, he lost a son. And I can’t think anything worse than having to cry at your own son’s grave…

Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

Zack Fair is one of my favorite characters on the final fantasy series. He is the typical anime happy guy, who always seems to be positive about everything, no matter how bad the situation is. He is always dreaming about being a 1st class SOLDIER of Shinra, and he had been working on it for a long time.

Everything starts to look good, but as the story continues, you can only see how everything goes from bad to worse for Zack. His best friend and mentor disappear, but later he has to kill him with his own hands. His childhood hero becomes insane and he has to fight him. He is seriously wounded as well as the only friend he has left, Cloud. After that, the company to which he was so loyal treated them like nothing and made horrible experiments to them.

And in the end, he never stopped smiling or being positive. Yet Shinra hunts them down, they are no longer humans to them, but test subjects. He hides Cloud and fight to protect him, and during this battle, you can see his memories fading away, his friends, his girlfriend, all of them vanishing while he is dying. And when he dies, he does it with a smile still on his face, just to be forgotten by everyone, even by Cloud.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots.

If you have played the entire saga, or at least from Metal gear solid 1 to 4, you know what I mean. Is hard for me to remember a game where a character goes through so many crap. From the begining you see an old, tired Snake who is aging fast, and he will probably live just 1 year at best. Nice way for a game to start…

But if that is not enough, you soon realize that FOXHOUND, a virus designed to kill just a few people and was implanted on snake in the first game, is mutating, threatening to kill everyone around snake, making him a living biological weapon.

Every boss here is homage to old bosses: wolf, octopus, raven, mantis, ocelot… they all sound familiar to you, doesn’t they? Kojima makes a great job bringing the nostalgia to this game. Even more when you go back to Shadow Moses, everything is perfectly recreated like on the first game. Is like going back to your childhood house, and finding everything exactly the same, with some dust and spider webs.

As the game continues, everything seems pretty dark for everyone. He starts to succumb more into his age pains, loosing friends along the way. Anything he does seems insignificant, and yet he keeps trying, he never give up, it’s his duty. And when he is on the microwaves hallway, you can see him still struggling, while you have to desperately press triangle to make him move, with his outfit shining red due the unbearable radiation, crawling on the floor with that sad, breaking heart music as everything seems lost…

But finally, everything is over and snake doesn’t deserve anything but a happy ending, right? Well, I’m afraid it doesn’t end right there. We can see the other characters having great endings for this adventure but, do you remember what I said about FOXHOUND? Well Snake has a final task, and is to end the threat he represents by killing himself.

You can see Otacon, trying not to cry as he tells Sunny that Snake is sick and he needs to rest alone, is the saddest and most depressive moment on videogames history in my opinion. “Snake… Had a hard life… He needs some time to rest…” These words still make me sad.

But at least, at the true ending, we can see that snake didn’t commit suicide, and finally he got the peace he deserved.

The Walking Dead: Season 1, Chapter 5, No Time Left 

By now the group is broken; there is no time and there is no Hope… oh! and Lee was bitten by a Zombie. The boat was stolen by Vernon and his group. So, depending on the decisions, Lee, Christa, Omid, Kenny and Ben (if not dead) are the remaining ones of the group that are alive, well, apart from Clementine who was kidnapped by the mysterious man of the Walkie-Talkie. The group decides to go and rescue Clementine, but while they are on their way Ben fell and Kenny get to him to protect both of them from becoming zombies… well, technically he killed Ben and then committed suicide.

Every time Lee is getting worst and worst by the bit, so he tell Omid and Christa that he will catch them later on a safe place; he must go to rescue Clementine. After passing from a river of Zombies he encounters with the walkie-talkie man; he is angry because your group stole his car at the end of chapter 2. The man is mad, so after some decisions, Clem or Lee kill him.

When Clem and Lee get off the hotel, they pass between thousands of Zombies… including Clem’s parents. Then Lee fainted and when he woke up, he told Clem that when he converts he will attack her, so he gives her indications and you must decide to kill him… or leave him there. This part is extremely emotive.

Clem runs away and finds her full of blood from Zombie so they won’t notice her. After the credits, Clem is alone… and the she watches a couple of shadows… should she follow her?… or escape from them?

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