Thursbook: Let The Right One In

What can you expect when you are comfortable with her? When she is the one that understands you? When you get so close to her that you can’t get over her?… and then, you find out that she is a monster that eats blood to survive.

You won’t find a clue, an insinuation or even a small moment in which someone tells you that she is a vampire, but we all decided to believe that she is one because we’re so scare that she can be another monster. 

Her name is Ellie, she is a girl that has just moved with an old man to Sweden, nobody talks to them, nobody knows about them, and nobody gets close to them, except Oskar, a 12 years old kid, that has insecurity problems and that is intimidated by his classmates. He doesn’t have friends, so the night that he was playing outside and met Ellie, everything changed.

Actually, the life of every person in the town changed, because when Ellie arrived to the village mysterious assassinations were committed. And all of bodies were found without blood, everybody was terrified for the killer… and the horrible assassinations.

With Oskar, Ellie was mysterious, smart, innocent, fun and friendly making Oskar fell comfortable for the first time in his life, but as he knew more about her he noticed that she wasn’t somebody of 12 years old, she could be 100 years old and… maybe she wasn’t a girl… maybe… not even a human. But he accepts that and gets even more attached… and in love with her.

But being in love with somebody who needs to kill to be alive is not a good idea… specially when you are just a kid whose dream is to kill the bullies from his school.

As the man who lives with Ellis is old, he starts to make more and more mistakes to get fresh blood, Ellie is obligated to kill by herself and converts one person in a monster like her.

The police is worried so they started to dig… and began to figure out where and who the killer could be. Meanwhile, Ellie gets colder with the man she lives and starts to win Oskar’s trust… their interaction is one of the strongest romances I’ve ever read. Yes, a romance in the middle of this story that is so strong that you will get chills when Ellie says “Let Me In” for the first time. Trust me. If you enjoy good stories this won’t disappoint you.

Ellie seen by artist Alice X. Zhang

Ellie seen by artist Alice X. Zhang

Are you interested yet? This amazing book, written by John Ajvide Lindqvist, can not be described easily, is really complex, explicit, daring and addictive. The plot is original, and has been awarded everywhere. Even movies have been done based in this book; a swedish and an american versions , the american version with (Chloë Grace Moretz as the main character.) You will find that this story is also known as “Let Me In”.

For the staff of TwoGamed the book is simply amazing, even one of us read the book in 4 days. You think you can easily beat his record? Prove it!

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