DW Special: Prepare yourself for Deep Breath -Spoiler free version-

Christmas was the last day that we saw The Doctor. We saw an old 11th incarnation, hopeless, alone and at long last… about to be defeated by all his enemies. He knew that his last moment was about to come, and that he had no regenerations left. And then, the impossible happened and the people of Gallifrey gave him a new cycle of regenerations… and a new hope. That was the last time of Matt Smith as the Doctor, the youngest actor that became be the Doctor. Now Capaldi is the second eldest… what can you expect? This version is free of spoilers of the episode “Deep Breath” so you can read safely and you won’t ruin your experience, also this guide will give you some tips to make your episode even more enjoyable.

The Doctor is back. And this episodes continues almost immediately where the The Time of the Doctor left us. Capaldi is still suffering the consequences of the regeneration, and I must admit that he is pretty hilarious, I mean, do you remember the sides-effects on the last Doctors? Apart from painful they are brilliant. Do you remember eleven with the young Amelia Pond eating fish fingers and custard? On of the best moment of the series 5. And what about Ten growing a new hand?

It is not a mystery that the first episode will have moments that are preparing us for a bigger plot, I mean, the crack on the wall was really important for the plot of eleven, and for Ten the arm that grew again for the regeneration energy was important, do you remember the two doctors?


Getting used to a new Doctor has always been really hard, and Moffat knew that saying good-bye to Matt Smith was really hard for the fans.So in “The name of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor” he gave some time to Capaldi, making us feel excited about him and to look forward.

Every regeneration has influenced in the personality of the Doctor, for that reason we had a childish 10th Doctor (The one who forgets), a funny but adventurous Doctor (The one who regrets), a strong 9th Doctor (Born on fire) and the mysterious War Doctor. As 12 is born in defeat and hopeless… you can expect for a brave but definitely darker doctor. A Doctor that needs friends and that knows that he must pay for all the atrocities and death that he has left behind.

For the episode Deep Breath you can expect that the Doctor will struggle with himself and with his crazy and confused mind, meanwhile Clara must accept that eleven won’t come back and that she is the only one that knows who the Doctor is. Madame Vastra, Strax and Jenny will help her, but they don’t understand the behavior of the Doctor as Clara does.

Apparently, this could be a plot by itself but the Doctor has an incredible capacity of get himself in trouble, and not just involving him but Clara, Madame Vastra, Strax, Jenny, half of London and even a Dinosaur.

A new villain is presented and, as every villain in the Moffat era, his motto is complex and sometimes unclear… but it is affecting people; something that the Doctor won’t accept, so he takes the case and begins to solve it. The problems is that as a darker version of the Doctor even Clara is in danger… Mortal Danger.


“Here we go again…”

Please, don’t look for the leaked episodes; you will ruin your experience and it is not worth it. Seriously.

So, Hold your breath, expect a brilliant Plot and, if you haven’t yet, give Capaldi a chance; he won’t disappoint you. We at TwoGamed are really excited about this new series… and we cannot wait to discuss some theories with you after this episode is officially out.

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