Marvel! Stop making us feel attacked!

Are you following the general line between Marvel’s movies? You haven’t noticed? Well there is a big plot around the entire saga. Some Movies are giving a lot of information and other are just there… hiding valuable secrets. Here is a theory. With huge spoilers, so, if you don’t want to ruin something don’t go ahead. Seriously.

First of all, Marvel isn’t afraid. Recently, they have made some of the strongest decisions in the history of comics, I mean, suddenly Thor is a woman! I applauded that, because they are giving really good roles to women and that is something that should have been done a long time ago. Women are really, really complex and they can give us the best stories. In general, Marvel does whatever it takes to make spectacular stuff; while DC is doing really realistic and dark histories Marvel is doing what we enjoy to see. I love both styles but Marvel hit first, and in the movies they have a well defined path while DC is still shy about showing us… anything.

Since the Captain America: The first avenger, many comic lovers felt offended because the story was modified and some elements appeared… but they didn’t make any sense, like… The Tesseract. Do you remember that little-shiny cube? Actually is more than just a box; The Tesseract can open rifts through space. This is how Loki transported himself and later, the Chitauri, to Earth through portals. Also, Thor and a muzzled Loki used the Tesseract to teleport back to Asgard. Are we still in the same line? Good. It was presented as a really powerful source. An infinity Stone. Should I call it a gem? A Gem that controls Space.


 Now let’s go to the Avengers, do you remember the The Chitauri Scepter?, it is also known as Loki’s Scepter or Loki’s Staff, and it is a scepter that utilizes a blue gem powered by… the Tesseract. The Chitauri Scepter, a powerful artifact with ties to the Tesseract, was entrusted to Loki of Asgard by the tyrant Thanos, along with an army of Chitauri warriors, under the condition that Loki travel to Earth to secure the Tesseract itself and prepare the Earth for subjugation under his rule. 

Loki continued to carry the scepter during his activities on Earth, using it to establish a mental link to speak with The Other, and using it during several altercations with The Avengers. After being captured and imprisoned on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier, the scepter was stored in a science lab on board, where it was observed and studied by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. During an argument among the Avengers members and Nick Fury, the scepter was revealed to be slowly affecting their minds, increasing tensions and turning them against each other until an immediate threat put them back in focus. -Source:

Are we in the same line yet? Well, this staff contained another gem strongly vinculated… and was a gift of Thanos. Could we call this rock… a gem? What about a Mind Gem?


The next movie on the list is Thor 2: The dark world. At the start of the movie, Odin talks about Malekith and the dark elfs, an ancient race that a long time ago, was seeking to destroy universe with a terrible weapon called Aether. King Bor (Odin’s father) succeed to defeat them, but Malekith along with some of his soldiers managed to escape. The Aether, in the movie, looks like a red substance, that acts like somekind of parasite, being fatal to it’s host, if it’s not strong enough.

The power of the Aether is not that well explained during the movie, but we can see that it can affect matter, and Malekith’s plan is to use it’s power to plunge the universe in darkness. With all of this, we can declare that Aether can control the reality, change it, and turn matter into dark matter.


Now we go directly to the last piece showed in The guardians of the Galaxy, by now you must have imagined what is that piece; The Orb. Ronan wanted it and discovered its power, and guess who was also after it? Thanos. This orb was capable of giving is possessor an incredible power, it was so big that even Ronan had a bad time trying to control it. If you have followed the line ‘till now you have probably arrived to the same conclusion; we are facing the power gem.


In the same Guardians of the Galaxy we met The Collector, a strange and eccentric character whom, by this moment, seemed to be the only one that knew about the true power of the orb, well, apart from Thanos. In some moment the collector made a reference about the existence of six gems like the orb. SIX. 

Now, look closely to this image that made the fans gone crazy when it appeared.


Does it make any sense now? Where is Marvel heading? Avenger 3? or are they ending this in Guardians of the galaxy 2? Make your theory and share with us. And also… when is the next gem going to appear? Check this image, uploaded to 9GAG and start betting. We are betting on Avengers: Age of Ultron and Doctor Strange.


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-W and Lawrence


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