ThursBook is reading The Fault in Our Stars :_(

Let’s stop that crying and let’s start the review of a phenomenal book! Okay? Okay!

Yes, I am a Male and yes, I love books, basically I’ve been in love with books since I was like 11 years old or so, but the fact is that this became easily one of my favorite drama books ever.

Well, I won’t discuss the movie adaptation of this book, the only thing I’ll tell you is that I went to my local cinema with some friends (all of them male) but I didn’t directly told them that we were about to watch TFIOS… when the movie started a friend of mine screamed out: “Aren’t we gonna watch the Tom Cruise’s Movie!!” (Referring to The Edge of Tomorrow Movie), the fact is that nobody suspected even when the cinema was full of girls. Literally. Full. OF. GIRLS.

Anyway, the fact is that when I read the book I loved it. It is a really well narrated, cute and extremely entertaining book that gives you strong life lessons as are viewed from the eyes of Hazel Grace, an adolescent with lung cancer, a disease that sooner or later will kill her. And she knows it. Her life is almost the same everyday and while she grows she notices that the world has compassion for her just because she has cancer. Apparently her biggest achievement.

When she met August Waters, an athletic, young and handsome cancer survivor she becomes attached to him, and he to her. But the major concern starts when everybody is aware that a relationship between two cancer persons will be extremely harmful because eventually one of them is gonna die… leaving the other hopeless in a fight against cancer.


Despite this, they become really close, and they involve the reader in a flirty-smart-funny relationship that gets it’s climax when Hazel shares his favorite book with August… a book without a proper ending, so they began a journey across the world to visit the author of this book and get some answers. But, guess what? The book’s writer is… well… a twat.

This book fastly became a best-seller, an obsession and a got a lot of positive reviews, Including this one, giving the book a special place in bookshelves of millions of teenagers around the world.

The fault in our stars reflects the funny, cool and powerful that can be the hope and how caring for others can be stronger than a grenade. This book is focused on tennagers, but believe me, it is not a girl’s book or a teenager’s one. No matter your sex or age, you will enjoy it. I guarantee it.

So go to your closest book store, stop resisting and discover if Hazel and Augustus got their answers, and more important… Will they get them before cancer end’s them?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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– W



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