Movie Monday. Starring: Guardians of the Galaxy


So by this time you may have already seen Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean, it’s summer! What? you haven’t seen it yet? oh boy! Grab some friends and get to you cinema! Well, let’s get not to excited yet; first let’s see how this guys came up to the cinema and what Marvel is thinking.

 The second phase has begun; and Marvel started with a risky option; a bunch of non-Mainstream heroes, called Guardians of the galaxy. As always the comic reader’s were really not that excited because this movie was not so accurate, but Marvel did some interpretation mashups and enden with a Movie that locates in a comfort zone. What is a comfort Zone? Well, they decided to make a movie getting together a variety of stories to create a new one; just like that, not a literal story but still an entertaining one.

For this movie, Disney joined some known actors, some cult-based and some iconic ones. Let’s start with Chris Pratt, this almost worldwide unknown actor got the role for Peter Quill a human adventurer whom as a child was abducted by a gang of interstellar bounty hunters and thieves. He remains as an unknown thief until he gets in trouble stealing an orb that is as valuable as… well it’s pretty precious. His acting is awkward in some moments but in general I see him as a new successful face that will compete in hotness with other Marvel Chris’s like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

While Peter Quill escapes from the Nova Corp. and the guys from Ronan (Lee Pace) get’s chased by the deathly and talented Gamora ( Zoe Saldana) a green… alien? kidnapped and raised by Thanos, Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and his partner Groot (I am GROOOT!) (Vin Diesel). The acting of this gang is enjoyable, and in general acceptable. I liked that Zoe Saldana decided to use make up instead of CGI, and I was really expectant about the voice of Bradley Cooper trying to sell me that he was a Racoon… I mean I was confused when I knew that he beat David Tennant (10th Doctor FTW!) for the Role. Well, he sold me that he was a Raccoon. And should we start with Groot? It is Vin Diesel saying “I’m Groot!” in many different ways, well he said another thing apart from “I’m Groot” but ::SPOILER ALERT:: Come on! “We’re Groot” doesn’t make a big change.


As you may have noticed, I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and the fact of having Karen Gillan as Nebula was enough reason to watch the movie. This talented ginger, got her head shaved (Millions of fans cried about it)for the role of an adopted Thanos daugher, killing machine and trusted one of Ronan. Her role was bigger than I thought it might be. Her acting was good, but I think it could have been greater, nevertheless, Nebula is a promising great villain whose story has just begun… and I bet that the best of Karen is about to come.

The Guardians of the Galaxy club is closed with Drax a really big guy interpreted for Dave Bautista a former Wrestler and now an actor, that makes the role of a kick-ass angry dude, that is looking for vengeance against Ronan for the cruel assassination of his family. His motto is pretty obvious for the movie, but let’s face it; if you are watching a movie with a talking Raccoon and a powerful tree (I am GROOOT!) this motto is not thatbad, but as Rocket said “all of us have lost someone” so they convert him from a revengeful guy to a very brave partner.

So, that is the general view of Guardians of the Galaxy, the first of the second Marvel’s movie phase. Was it great? Well, it is pretty enjoyable to watch with friends and yes, it’s an entertaining movie. Does it have the best story of all? No. But is has a lot of potential, and it is a fact that Marvel is planning to get this guys together with the Avengers for the highly anticipated “The Avengers 3″ , I mean who will know most about Thanos? and let’s face it: The Guardians of the galaxy and The Avengers in the same screen will break the boxoffice.



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